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I'm happy to have the honor of sharing a new release with you on my blog for the first time. Today I get to share an excerpt from Dinah McLeod's new release, Maggie Meets Her Match. It's a hot new western with lots of yummy spanking scenes,  and it's getting rave reviews, including one from yours truly.

Nineteen-year-old Maggie Swift is excitedly making wedding plans when her beau Joshua breaks her heart. Devastated and determined never to trust a man again, Maggie is convinced she’ll live out her life as an old maid… until ruggedly-handsome Clay Callahan comes riding into her life and sweeps her off her feet. She quickly discovers that though he is more than ready to take his strap to her bare bottom when she gets out of line, being Clay’s wife is pure heaven. Their love and passion grow by leaps and bounds, and soon Maggie is with child.

When tragedy strikes and it seems Maggie’s anguish will consume her entirely, try as she might to push him away, Clay proves that he is determined to do whatever is necessary to bring back his beautiful, sassy bride. Just as her heart begins to heal, however, a figure from her past suddenly reappears and reopens old wounds. Can Maggie put aside her fears and trust that with Clay at her side, they can weather any storm, or will the ghosts of her past rip apart their love?
Here's an excerpt i get to share with you today!

    It was Sunday, the day that Joshua normally came to call. Even as I pushed my palms into the dough, helping Mama knead it for bread, I couldn’t keep my mind from straying. Just the thought of seeing his sweet face made my heart beat faster.
    “Where’s your mind at today, Mag-pie?”
    “I’m sorry, Mama,” I replied, turning my attention back to the ball of dough at my elbow, but not before she caught me looking at the door.
    “I reckon he’ll be here soon enough.”
    I flushed, hearing the smile in her voice. Joshua and I had been courting for the last three months and I secretly thought he would talk of marriage any day now. Though Mama didn’t say anything, I knew she shared my hopes. She’d begun buying new fabric, here and there. A bit of lace, some satin buttons. She didn’t try to hide them, but she didn’t mention them to me, either. We were both waiting, passing time until he spoke to my Pa and matters were settled.
    Truth be told, I was a bit worried that Pa might not let me leave the house today. We only ever went for a stroll around the property, talking, but knowing that my Pa was vexed with me, I wasn’t sure if he would let me go. It had only been an hour ago that I’d been spanked for leaving without telling anyone where I was going. It was a severe offense where he was concerned and my bottom still stung from the thorough attention he’d paid it.
    “Do you think just because your eighteen now and have a caller that you don’t have to follow my rules?” He’d asked as he’d swatted my bare behind.
    “No, Pa,” I’d insisted, whimpering, even though I had thought he might be more lenient with me about to be married and all. I was sadly mistaken, which he proved by warming my tail thoroughly. He hadn’t stopped until I was a ball of wailing tears.
    “You can’t leave without telling someone where you’re going,” he’d scolded. “It might seem awful old-fashioned to you, but it’s my rule and you will abide by it, y’hear?”
    I’d promised I would and he’d sent me out of the room with orders to fix my face and then go to the kitchen to help Mama. Now I wondered if I wasn’t to be punished further by not being allowed to see my beau. Pa hadn’t mentioned it, but it would be just like him to tell me so in front of Joshua.
    I didn’t have long to stew on it, because I soon heard Joshua’s familiar knock on the door. Pa rose to answer it, not giving me so much as a glance. When he opened the door and Joshua walked in, my heart leapt in my chest. He stopped and held out his hand to my father, saying howdy, but his eyes were searching for me.
    When they landed on me, his lips spread into a smile. “Howdy there, Maggie.”
    I stepped forward, brushing my hands on my dress. “Hello, Joshua.” The joy in my voice would be plain to any who heard it, despite the fact that I spoke in a near whisper.
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