Sunday, June 1, 2014

A is for Author-

Yes, I said Author. Because It's June 1st, and I have officially survived my first month as a published author. Yes, I said SURVIVED. Who would have ever guessed it was so stressful? So I figured today for A I would do A to Z facts about me, just to start off so you all can get to know me a bit better :) 
Attitude-- I have one. I'm a natural redhead, and I have the attitude and patience level to match, sometimes. 
Bacon-- I love bacon memes. Bacon's good too, but mostly just the memes and e cards! 
Coffee-- I really need some, as I just woke up. :)
 Death-- I almost died when I was four. 
Ebay-- I also dabble in ebay selling with my husband.
 Family-- Mine consists of my husband of 12 years, myself, my son who is nine, and my daughter who is seven. 
Girly girl--I'm not one, but I do prefer to wear dresses or skirts almost all summer, sell Mary Kay, and get out of most things calling it "a man's job." However, I never paint my nails, didn't get my first pedicure until this last April, and love to fish. 
Hiram/Hero Hiram is the name of my hero in my WIP 
I need a coffee break-- This is way harder than i thought it would be :) in OH MY GOD, why am I blogging before i have had my morning coffee?? 
Knee socks -- I collect them, the wilder the better :) 
Liquor- Because all the good letters for this were taken, like B for Beer, or M for margarita or W for wine. I love a good drink, especially when i am writing! What's that saying? Write drunk, edit sober? 
Maxi skirt-- what I can be found wearing most days 
Non- Spanko-- I'm not one obviously, but there is one doing this challenge with us. She's hilarious, Check her out on the linky list under "Don't Spank a Crazy Lady" 
October-- I HATE the month of October. Halloween at the end gives the entire month a dark creepy connotation in my opinion. 
Pool-- where I spend most of my days lately. If I could figure out a way to write in the pool, I would be so set :) 
Quilt-- So many of my friends are having babies, I really need to make some quilts this summer. I recently learned to sew, but like my character Mollie, I kind of suck at it :) 
Read-- I'm a speed reader. Always have been. 
SUSHI-- I could eat sushi every day! 
Thirties-- Yep, I'm in em, and love em! 
Utah -- In case you haven't figured it out, I live somewhere in Utah :) 
Vape-- I recently quit smoking and started using one of those vapor ecigs. 
West Coast-- Where I recently moved from. I don't miss it one bit. 
X-rated. I'm such a prude, i will never write and X rated book. I like to read all kinds, but there is definitely a preference for sweet and clean. 
Young adult books. That's what I wrote a long time ago, before I gave up writing for 15 years, and what I would like to try again eventually.
 Zebra-- because I have a great love for all things animal print, which I am passing on to my daughter. Phew, that's done! Now i am off to have my coffee and work on tomorrow's post!


  1. LOL, well you got it all covered! Fun reading

    1. I'm still doing the other days, i just thought an A to Z about me would be fun too!

  2. Wow! And welcome to life as an Author. I really enjoyed Bride Two Soon and I'm looking forward to more books from you.

  3. Love your start! Can't wait to see what you post tomorrow!

    1. Me either LOL. At this point I have several ideas, but no plan!

  4. I love your post!! Did you mention you like coffee??? :) I'm looking forward to learning more about you Rayanna :)

  5. A prude writer, congrats on the survival of the fittest. Ask any writer out there from now on it's just going to be easy!
    You know I read I'm selling my husband on Ebay ;-)
    Well done on the complete list. I'm still thinking about the X, Y an Q!

  6. There's still a market for prude writers, thankfully. I'm not selling my husband on ebay ;), although sometimes it's tempting! I'm still doing the rest of the challenge. This was just a to Z about me :)

  7. Excellent list. You have been an author for an even shorter time than I have! I feel very much a newb amongst all the experienced spanking writers.

    Are you going to do a list like that every day? :) You could end up doing the alphabet 26 times over.

    1. No, I couldn't do a list like that every day! It would be fun for some instances, but nearly impossible for others!

  8. Congratulations to being published; I have a work that's been shortlisted for an antho so I'm quite excited about that! :-)

    I also love bacon, need coffee, have a partner of 14 years (this year), a son who is nine and a daughter (six not seven). I love a coffee called Hot Lava Java as it's VERY high caffeine ;-)

    Best of luck for June.

    John (aka BawdyBloke)

    1. Thank You John! And Congrats on the anthology! It sounds like we have quite a few things in common!

  9. Well thought out - I'm ready to read more. I've never really written X-rated, I may some day (but it won't be Cassie!) She is too much of a lady.

  10. Fun idea. What are you going to do the rest of the month? LOL.

    1. No idea! I'm winging it. I won't do this every day, but I do have a few more posts like this.

  11. This wasn't up when I did the rounds yesterday but I'm so glad I cam back to read it today, Great to know more about you. And congrats on your survival :D