Sunday, June 22, 2014

R is for Rules #SpankA2Z

Life cannot exist without rules. You know what else cannot exist without rules? A spanking relationship. In any good spanking relationship, there must be rules. In fact, there are several types of rules within these relationships.

1) The rules of the house-- these are the reasons the spankee may find her or himself getting a spanking. things like disrespect, or overspending, staying out too late, or texting and driving.
2) There are rules for the spanker- which may be unspoken, but they exist just the same. I would exppect these to be things like : Don't spank while angry, and always give a warm up or whatever the people in a relationship might have decided was important for them.
3)The rules and rituals of a spanking. Not everyone has these, but these would include things like corner time before or after, extra for putting your hand back, having to count them etc.

 I love rules, but we don't have many. I love the order and consistency borne of having rules, and I think its a big part of why so many women crave this type of relationship. Having rules and consequences allows them to feel like they don't have to be in control of everything. It allows them to feel as if they can lay down the reins and not worry so much,. I'm not going to go into the feminist agenda part of this, as I have not even had coffee yet.

A lot of relationships have rules whether they have a spanking aspect to them or not. I have heard non DD friends say things like " I'm only allowed to buy one (insert object here) a month" or " I get to spend X amount of dollars  on this" or what have you.

Rules for either party in a relationship can have importance in the success of that relationship. That is all. I need coffee.

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