Wednesday, June 4, 2014

#SpankA2Z #D is for Delightfully Deliciously Deviant

From the beginning of this challenge being announced, I have threatened to do the whole thing using images and things from my pinterest account. And I originally planned to do it under D, but i can't remember why. You would think I would have put it under P, but P for polygamy has always been a given with me....Duh.

So today's post is brought to you from a tired burnt out mama, with a delightfully delicious and somewhat devious pinterest account.

There is no rhyme or reason to this post.  Oh wait yes there is.

A is for Ass, as in

B is for Bacon

C is for Chair
D is for Discipline

E is for Ernest Hemingway
F is for Flintstones

G is for Gonna, as in

H is for House Rules
I is for Implement

J is for Joke 

 K is for Kitchen

L is for Love
 M is for Monopoly
 N is for Naughty
O is for Olive Oyl

P is for Paint

Q is for Quiet
R is for Redheads

S is for Suess

T is for Tickle

U is for Underwear

V is for Vegan
W is for Wine
 X is for X - Rated....If Disney went X rated :)
Y is for Yes, Sir

Z is for Zero, as in Why are there ZERO sushi pictures in this post? We can't have that!

So there you have it my delightfully delicious and deviant Pinterest A to Z. If you enjoyed this post, come find me on Pinterest for more spanking tips, sushi recipes and Bacon memes.


  1. Do you like bacon or something??? :) I love this. I may come back to look at it again when I need a pick me up.

    1. Actually I don't like bacon any more than the next person, but I have a few friends who LOVE it, so I collect bacon pics and memes to randomly send to them.

  2. All those wonderful, wonderful pictures but the belt in the chair for i will not leave my mind! Thanks

    1. LOL, yes, that is a statement piece for sure!

    2. I meant H, but you got it.

    3. Actually I totally missed seeing where you said I and thought you meant the pic for C :)

  3. How fun! It's like the spanko alphabet :)

  4. How fun! Thanks for making my day Rayanna!

  5. Replies
    1. It's fun! I do A to Z lists for most of my posts, but this is the first time I've done it with pictures!

  6. Oh that's great. My favourite was 'G'. I love to see a man rolling up his sleeves. I am very new to Pinterest so I don't feel I've got the hang of it yet but by the looks of it I was already following you so clearly I'm doing SOMETHING right.

    1. Clearly you must be then :) I agree G was one of my favorites too :)

  7. Love this post! Sometimes we need some pictures to break up all the reading. I haven't tried pinterest...I'm afraid of getting lost in the dark hole of yet more social media. But, I love your pics.

    1. Thank You Celeste. I did it because my brain was fried and I wanted an easy out, but it took me FOREVER!!!!

  8. You need to visit Bacon Anonymous; "my name's Rayanna and I have a thing for delicious rashers of grilled pork" ;-)

    That monopoly looks awesome!

    John (aka BawdyBloke)

    1. I know, i need to get a closer look at that board :)

  9. so much fun!! loved the pics, Rayanna!
    and mmmmmmm, bacon :)