Wednesday, June 4, 2014

#SpankA2Z E is for E-book

E book, because that's all most of us deal in anyway.
Here is my list of Ebook reccomendations, that I have either read recently, am currently reading or have on my TBR list

Alleman, Normandie.... Daddy's Game
Becoming Little Lexie ......Sue Lyndon
Coral Valley Spanking Series S. M. Sandalwood
Dinah Mcleod......Swift Justice Series
Eddie, My Love, ....Patricia Green
Finding Their Bliss......Thianna D
Glass House by Bella Bryce
How to Live Without A Man.......Maren Smith
I Do, I Do, I Do, by Courage Knight
Joannie Kay The Sisters in Law
Knight, Natasha...... The4 Firefighter's girl
Lovely Little Liar ......Patty Devlin
Milestones Anthology.... A lot of awesome authors that won't fit on one line :)
Naughty List Anthology ....More awesome authors that won't fit on one line :)
O Malley Series.....Stevie MacFarlane
PK Corey.....Cassie series
Queen Brat by Sharon Green ( okay I admit, i just added this in to fill the Q spot.)
Rod and Cane Soceity Books by Cara Bristol
Sarah's Tutorial by Emily Tilton
Taste of Discipline by Casey McKay
Unnaceptable Arrangment by Victoria Winters
Vow to Submit by KaitlinSummer
What Naughty Girls Get by Megan Mic heals (releases today, June 5th, I believe) 
eXile to Unity by Tara Finnegan
of Yesterday by Alta Hensley
Zilch.....I cheat more and more the closer I get to the end. :) Seriously if you know a Z book or Z author, let me know :)

Happy Reading! Let me know what's on your TBR list!!!


  1. Love that I was on your list - thank you! I'll be looking back here to load my kindle.

    1. I tried to include most of my writer friends, and you are on my TBR list :)
      Love Cassie!

  2. Very clever A2Z listing. Thank you for having mine there. A lot of those are already on my kindle, either read or to be read. I will look into the others.

    1. Of course, I can't wait to read it, Plus it was a good one for X, even though i had to cheat a little to make it work!

  3. Love quite a few of those books! <3

  4. Very cool "E" post. I'll be making a note of these books. I've read some but not all:)

    1. There's just too many good ones oming out daily to stay caught up!

  5. I agree with you but for Maren Smith, The Next Ex is my favorite! How To Live Without a Man was great too, but if you haven't read The Next Ex, you're missing out. So funny and hot, I've never forgotten it.

    1. To be truthful, I haven't read any of Maren's books except the ones in anthologies.I just came across this one when browsing Blushing for a few letters I was still missing, and thought it made a better H than what I originally had!

    2. Her story in The Naughty list was my favorite!

  6. I sorry I do not have a Z named book in my list, but I do have a few book on your list I want to read.

    1. I don't think a Z book is out there, Guess I will have to write one. I do have a character named Zoe in my current WIP, but, as of right now, she's three....

  7. Great list! Love how you had one for each letter -- even X. Thanks for including the Rod and Cane series.

  8. There's some cheating there! eXile ... ;-)

    As for the Z Book -

    No idea if it's any good but it gets five stars! ;-)

    John (aka BawyBloke)

    1. There is some cheating in there, but i wanted to include everyone, and I don't think there really is an X book, but if you find one, let me know! And thanks for the Z book, i will have to check that out!