Sunday, June 8, 2014

#SpankA2Z ~G is for Grub

Of course as soon as I hit publish on my F is for friendship post, I remembered that I was planning on F is for food as I am a total foodie! So today, G is for grub!  This is an A to Z list contructed from Recipes off my OTHER pinterest (real name). I HAVE tied the majority of these recipes! Each title links to the actual recipe! Enjoy!

                                                                    A is for Apple Cobbler

                                                             B is for Black Bean and Guac burritos

                                              C is for Crockpot Brown Sugar and Garlic chicken

D is for Dr. Pepper Cupcakes                
                                                    E is for Eclair Cake

                                                          F is for Funnel Cake
                                                       G is for Guacamole
                                         H is for Hash Brown Skillet
K is for Kevin's famous Macaroni And Cheese   
(no idea who Kevin is)

(crab tacos)

(Black Berry Frozen Yogurt)


  1. Yum! And thanks for a couple of dinner ideas.

  2. Making my mouth water! Thanks for sharing.

  3. Now, I'm hungry. Where are the stinking recipes?

    1. Uh, as I stated above, all recipe titles are linked to the actual recipes. ;) So literally just click the words above or below each picture......