Monday, June 9, 2014

#SpankA2Z ~H is for Hiram ~ A sneak peek at my WIP ~ Love Multiplied Book 2

 **Somehow my H post got reverted to a draft, and I didn't notice. So I am re-posting now, so you can see I did all the letters*

I hesitate to post this, because that means I actually have to buckle down and finish this story. I write so slow, because I'm still in the stage of questioning every word. I'm way too far in to throw it out now, so nothing left to do but finish it. I was like this with Bride Two Soon as well, and that turned out okay :) H is for Hiram. It's also for Hero. Incidentally Hiram is the Hero in my WIP, The Prodigal Bride. In my minds eye, Hiram looks a bit like this:                                                      
                                                            Hiram is serious, and dry, and quite intimidating, until he's around his family. Then his softer side comes out. As it should  be, they always get the best of him. Hiram has two wives and six children. But this story isn't really about them. 

This story is about Ben's older sister Sophia. Sophia was given Hiram's name as her intended husband when she was just 19. As expected, she gave it to the Bishop, who agreed and the wedding was set. Sophia found Hiram intimidating at first, and wondered if she had done the right thing. All that changed when he took her to his home for dinner, and she met his wife Lucy , and his twins., and saw a whole new side to him. Sophia fell for him HARD. So why did she take off HOURS before the wedding and not return to Green Valley for ten years?

Ten years later Sophia has two children and was in a monogamous marriage for 7 years before losing her husband to cancer. Out of options, she returns to Green Valley to live with Ben, Beth Anne and Mollie.

Hiram was devastated and embarrassed when Sophia left him at the altar. In their community, that simply doesn't happen. What will happen when these two meet on a chance encounter?  Bishop Miller says they are each other's destiny, regardless of the past.Can they look beyond the past and find a future together?

As far as blurbs go, this one sucks. Like the story it's a work in progress. The art of the blurb is still something I'm trying to master. Is it time for an excerpt yet? Must be....



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    1. I'm TRYING!!! Okay, really I'm not, but I'm trying to try!

  2. You can't stop now. I want to read it:))

  3. OMG you have my curiosity piqued!! Not good a blurbs?? I think you need to be spanked for being so hard on yourself. this sounds great and I can't wait to read it.

    1. Thanks Patty, and don't worry. If I don't at least type today, i just might be....

  4. Keep going girl, this sounds wonderful!