Monday, June 16, 2014

#SpankA2Z # N is for naughty ~snippet from The Prodigal Bride

What is it about the word naughty that sends thrills down spines of spankos everywhere? It causes hearts to drop into stomachs, and other more pleasurable things to happen. Mmmm I do love the word naughty. I was using the word just today in my WIP, the Prodigal Bride Book 2 in the Love Multiplied series.
Here's an excerpt. In this scene, Hiram has just returned from a long day of school clothes shopping out of town with his older children. In his absence his wives, Lucy and Phoebe were supposed to interview and hopefully hire someone to help a chronically ill Lucy around the house during the school year while Hiram and Phoebe were working. Though she wasn't aware at first, Phoebe has chosen to hire Sophia, the woman who left Hiram at the altar ten years ago. The woman knew Hiram would never go for it, so they concocted a plan to force his hand.
 Excerpt: “I’ve signed a six month contract.” She stated, locking her blazing eyes on his.
 “I’m sorry, come again?” Hiram did a double take as the weight of her words sank in. Surely she was pulling his leg. His wives could not possibly have pulled something so underhanded and manipulative. 
“I signed a contract.” She repeated slowly, speaking slightly louder this time.
 Hiram’s gaze immediately shot to the couch where Lucy and Phoebe still sat, they looked guilty as hell. He stared at them tight lipped until finally Phoebe stood. 
“You told me you trusted me to hire the best person for the job, and to fins someone who Lucy wouldn’t mind spending her days with. That’s exactly what I did, Sophia was by far the best person I saw today.” 
“Today.” He repeated dryly. It was a good thing the children had gone straight to the neighbors as soon as they got home, and taken their younger siblings with them. His hands instinctively came to rest on his belt, as he knew it was only a matter of time before he would be taking it off and applying it to somebody’s backside. Several somebodies if he was reading the situation right. “She was the best person you saw today. You could have seen more people tomorrow or the next day. I never said you had to hire someone today. Do not attempt to manipulate me, Phoebe, it will not end well for you.” 

Phoebe flushed and her nostrils flared, as they always did when she was angry or embarrassed. “Nobody else called, Hiram, Nobody!” she cried stomping her foot for emphasis. 
 He only raised his eyebrows at her. She was getting a spanking tonight, that was a sure thing. One down, one to go, he thought, smiling to himself when Lucy stood up, immediately coming to Phoebe’s defense. Sometimes his wives were very predictable. 
“Hiram—,” Lucy said, pulling herself up to stand eye to eye with him, “Sophia is the best person for the job. She knows me, and the twins, and she knows our values and beliefs. She has a lot of strengths, and excellent references, and I love her. Frankly, I’m disappointed you didn’t think of it yourself, seeing how you knew she was back,” she accused, pulling out the big guns.
 He wanted to chuckle, seeing the fire in her eyes. Oh yes, she had chutzpah, this wife of his. He hadn’t seen it in a while, and was comforted to know it was still there. He was going to thoroughly enjoy painting her naughty bottom red tonight. Two down. 
 “Sophia’s references are not in question here, nor are your feelings for her. The point is that you all knew how I would feel, and instead of presenting your wishes and reasons to me in private, and trusting me to take all things into consideration, you two—no you three, plotted and manipulated to have your way regardless of my wishes. Bring me the contract—I want to see it.” 
 Now Sophia stepped forward and handed him the requested document. He noted the anxiety etched across her features. Interesting—it told him everything he needed to know. Phoebe and Lucy were the driving forces behind the plan to strong arm him, yet Sophia had gone along with it. In his eyes, that made her equally guilty. He had to wonder why she had agreed. What were her motives? Did she need the job that badly, or were there other reasons? 


  1. Ooooooooh, nice snippet, Rayanna! Looking forward to this one. Good job!

  2. Great excerpt...I'm looking forward to this one too!

  3. cool!!
    it will be interesting to find out the reasons behind her accepting the job
    great excerpt!