Friday, June 20, 2014

#SpankA2Z #Q is for Questions ~Getting to know you!

I admit I'm a terribly curious person, I think it's part of being a writer. So humor me today, and let's get to know each other.
Here are some fun questions~Answer them in the comments
 1) Are you an author? If not skip to question 5
2) When is your "Author-versary?"
3) How many books do you have out?
4) What are you currently working on?
5) Do you live a DD , D/s or BDSM lifestyle, just indulge in play or just fantasize and read about it?
6)What is your all time favorite movie?
7) Book you are currently reading?
8)Any big summer plans?
 Here are my answers:
1) Why yes, yes I am
2) April 30th
3) Just one, so far :)
4)Currently working on Love Multiplied Book 2 :The Prodigal Bride
5) Live it, but loosely.
 6) American Wedding, Sweet Home Alabama, My Best Friends Wedding, and Because I Said So 7)Changing Her Mind by Stevie Macfarlane
8) Just enjoying my first summer in Utah, taking advantage of all the cool activities for the kids, and spending a lot of days writing by the pool with a glass of wine. What about you?

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