Thursday, June 26, 2014

#SpankA2Z ~ V is for verbomania

Somewhere along the course of this challenge I came across an awesome website
where you can find unusual words and meanings for all letters of the alphabet. It's where, at a complete loss, i found today's word

Verbomania: a mania for words :  excessive use of or obsession with words 

In going along with today's theme I thought I could come up with a verbomaniacs guide to spanking. That is an A to Z list of unusual spanking or sex related words or word that might be handy to people writing these types of books :)

Adamitism: nakedness for religious reasons
Baculiform: rod-shaped
Cagamosis:unhappy marriage
Darbies: handcuffs
Epigamic: attractive to the other sex
Facetiae: term for books of inappropriate or lewd nature
Gamic: sexual; sexually produced
Hulchy: swollen
Illision the act of striking against something
Jobation: tedious scolding
Karezza prolonged sex avoiding orgasm
Lachrymogenic: causing tears or weeping
Mammila: nipple
Nates: the buttocks
Onanism: masturbation; self-gratification
Peccadillo: a slight offense or sin
Quab: to throb; to quiver
Resile: to recoil; to rebound; to draw back from a position
Swive: to have sex with
Taws: thong used for punishment
Ustulation burning; roasting
Vapulate to flog; to be flogged
Wreakless: unpunished
Xyloid woody; ligneous
Yikker: to utter sharp little cries
Zatch: female genitalia 

Well that was a fun verbomanic list! 

In other news, I officially finished The Prodigal Bride today!

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