Saturday, June 28, 2014

#SpankA2Z ~ W is for Wanton

I finished The Prodigal Bride!!!! It's with the betas right now, and I just made a few changes this morning, one of them being to add in this little scene.

“And you understand now that becoming my wife or even agreeing to become my wife in the future means you will be subject to discipline as I see fit? I won’t hesitate to turn you over my knee and warm your bottom whenever necessary. However,” he clarified “Punishments will be different if we are together, I will be much harsher at times than I was today, and I will spank you on the bare—It will be worse in some ways, but it will be better in many other ways—that I can promise.”

He took great pleasure in watching her eyes light up and her cheeks flush as she took in his meaning. “I’m not sure I understand what you mean” she said coyly. “Perhaps you should give me a preview.”

He nodded sagely. “Perhaps I should” And in one swift move, he flipped her over, and in moments had her positioned across his lap just the way he wanted her. He rubbed her bottom vigorously, taking pleasure in her soft moans of anticipation before slapping her bottom playfully.

“You’re a little wanton one, aren’t you?” he teased her, bringing his hand down to warm her throbbing bottom once more. 


  1. Oh...wanton indeed. Looking forward to reading this when it's all done.

  2. Celeste, did you happen to see that you had won a copy? I think it was announced on my M is for Monday post!

  3. loved this excerpt!
    wanton, indeed!