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#SpankA2Z ~Y is for Yes, sir!

I had a few days where I ended up skipping, and i few days where I ended up posting once in the morning and once at night, but It looks like I will make it to the end of the A to Z challenge by tomorrow! Thank You Celeste Jones for putting this together for all of us. It was fun!
 For my Y word I have chosen Yes, as in Yes, sir. Like Naughty, Yes sir is a common utterance in spanking and erotica books. A well placed  "Yes, sir" will get me every time. I'm sure I could have found this several times in either of my books, but I am going back to Bride Two Soon for this one.

 In this scene, Beth Anne has stayed too late at work again, and now she and Ben are late for their per-marital counseling session with Bishop Miller.


Ben was sitting in the living room of Beth Anne’s family home growing more irritated with every second. They were already twenty minutes late for their meeting with the bishop and Beth Anne was nowhere to be found.

Ben picked up his cell phone and angrily dialed her number once more. It went straight to voicemail. She had obviously gotten caught up in work and lost track of time. He knew that she was under a lot of stress trying to get everything done before the wedding, but school had been out for over three hours. She should have had more than enough time to get a fair amount of work done, and still make their date on time. Now, Bishop Miller was sitting over at the church waiting for them to show up when they could have been more than half way through the counseling session by now.

Enough was enough. He was just getting up, intending to drive over to the school and find her when she came barreling, breathlessly through the front door.

Her hair was disheveled, her cheeks were flushed and her clothing was wrinkled, no doubt from sitting at a desk all day. She obviously needed to freshen up before their meeting, but there was no time.

“Go get in the truck.”  His voice was stern and his face was pinched.

“Ben, I’m so sorry. I will just run upstairs and change really quickly, and then I will be right back down.

His eyes darkened. “I said, go get in the truck. Now”

“But I just—” Beth Anne stammered, her eyes darting from him to the stairs and back again.

“Beth Anne, I am not going to repeat myself. If you wanted to have time to change, you should have bothered to leave work on time. Go get in the truck.”

Ben was silent on the short drive over to the church, while he listened to Beth Anne attempt to explain herself. She can try all she wants, he thought, but she’s not going to get very far.

He listened to her plead with him, as she went on and on about the stress she was under and the pressure she felt to get everything done before the wedding. He was sympathetic, but if there was one thing Ben hated it was being late, especially when there were other people involved. In his opinion, she had shown a blatant disregard for his time, and more importantly—Bishop Miller’s time.  He told her as much.

“Okay, Ben, I understand why you’re upset I do—” she began, attempting to explain herself once more.

“Sir,” he hissed, interrupting her.

“I will apologize to Bishop Miller—Wait, what?” Beth Anne broke off her apology abruptly, feeling confused.

“You’re in trouble, Beth Anne, and when you’re in trouble, and I am lecturing you, I don’t want to hear your excuses. When I am lecturing you the only thing you need to say is ‘yes, sir’ or ‘no, sir’.” He watched as Beth Anne responded to his words. She gulped and her mouth dropped open slightly. She looked so sweet and vulnerable all of a sudden that it was difficult to be stern with her as he was filled with an overwhelming urge to comfort and reassure her, but there was no time. They had just pulled into the church parking lot and Bishop Miller was waiting for them outside his office.

 Okay, so Beth Anne never actually said Yes, sir in this scene, but, I bet she will before the night is through, don't you? ;)

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