Friday, July 25, 2014

#SatSpanks-- Double Spanking continues!

Oh my goodness, what a busy summer it has been! I have been in and out for a while and kept forgetting to sign up for Sat Spanks- but the timing works out perfectly! The last time I participated- I promised to pick up where I had left off in the double spanking of Beth Anne and Mollie from Bride Two Soon. and that is what I am going to do- Then next week, I will be back with a snippet from The Prodigal Bride, the second book in the Love Multiplied Series, which releases August 5th!!! If all works out, I will also be sharing my cover reveal next week, so watch out for that post!

It's been a while so you can check out my last post here.

I'll skip a few paragraphs so we can get to the good stuff since next week we will be moving on!

He wasted no time in getting down to business. "Bend over the table, that's right, hands all the way in front of you, faces forward."

Once they were in position, he crossed the room to stand behind them, and with two sharp tugs, pulled their skirts and panties to the floor, exposing the creamy white flesh of their bottoms. Bared fully to him and to each other they began to whimper, embarrassed. He would not draw it out, would never seek to humiliate them, but a little embarrassment would not kill them, and would be crucial in driving home his lesson.

He moved to stand between them, laying a hand on each woman's back to calm them. "What's wrong ladies? Are you feeling a little exposed-maybe a little ashamed?"

**slightly edited to fit within the eight sentences**

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 Blurb:  This is a story of love and life- long friendship against the odds.
What happens when two life long best friends Mollie, and Beth Anne find themselves married to the same old fashioned man?
Can they remain friends? Will jealousy get the best of them? Will their husband be able to fix the problem with a good old fashioned spanking, or two?

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  1. That one way to truly bond a friendship.

  2. Sharing a husband is one thing, sharing a spanking, quite another! I think both ladies will learn a valuable lesson :)

  3. Double trouble these two. Wonder who will take it better?

  4. Wow! It sounds like this husband has his hands full with these wives of his.

  5. Double trouble indeed. The cover alone reveals the redhead is the one who obviously causes all the trouble... lol.
    My question is, how did he end up with two wives?

  6. I think a double spanking is oh-so-hot!

  7. This gives double trouble a whole knew perspective... bottoms up Lovely teasing snippet, Rayanna.

  8. Double trouble is right! Great snippet Rayanna :)

  9. Great stuff Rayanna. Some naughty bottoms about to learn their lesson.

  10. Gives whole new meaning to the term double trouble.

  11. I think a double spanking with a girlfriend might just be a thing to do... Like you say, "You know all those things you've always wanted to do? You should do them