Friday, August 22, 2014

Projects, Deadlines, and a Contest

I've been running myself a little ragged this week. The idea for my 3rd Love Multiplied book hit me like a whirlwind, and wouldn't leave me alone. But, with my Corbin's Bend Deadline approaching quickly, I couldn't afford to fully give in to it. I gave myself a week give or take a few days to finish it, and so far, I'm on schedule.

I cannot tell you how excited I am about my 3rd and 4th Love Multiplied Books, and my Corbin's Bend Book. As you might remember, from an earlier post, my main character for my CB book is a sushi artist.

The sushi restaurant she works at and owns with her cousin is called The Ginger Paddle. And there's where I lost my creative inspiration. What i would like to do with this is make it very relevant to the residents of Corbin's Bend, and give the sushi rolls creative spanking related names, but I am drawing a blank- So that's where you come in.

Post your ideas for roll names (bonus points if you add which ingredients should be in the roll) and everyone that helps me out will be entered in a drawing for a $10 Amazon gift card.

*These  will be used in my book, and other promotional projects, so be aware of that when you enter :)


  1. (I dont know what names REGULAR sushi have lol)

    Ruby Red Rolls (Salmon and crab with rice and...ginger? :-p)

    Feel The Bite (something with cayenne)

    The Brat (something sweet like pineapple and then something weirdly sour in the middle)

    I kinda suck at this ;-) Hubby couldnt think either if we come up with some over lunch ill be back ;-)

  2. Hmmm...
    I found this site which lists names they found creative for sushi rolls...

    It sort of shows that you could name them anything. Of course, I loved the "Pink Girl Roll" on the list.

    You could have the
    Slapper Roll
    Enforcer Roll
    Yes, Sir Roll
    Naughty Girl Roll
    In the Corner Roll

  3. I saw one at a restaurant: master roll. Or how about HOH roll. Red Slapper (a play off Red Snapper). Striped Ass (Striped Bass), Red tail roll. Topper Roll. Bottom roll.

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  5. when are you doing your giveaway? lol