Wednesday, August 27, 2014

WIP IT UP WEDNESDAY- The Bishop's Bride

Omg- I was such a zombie this morning! I managed to post a post without any words! I barely remember that. I'm so sorry! Ive had a nap now, and am semi functional.
I have spent the last week and a half working on my 3rd in the Love Multiplied Series. The Bishop's Bride. I am REALLY excited for this one.
Here's an excerpt: This is the first two paragraphs.
Rosa awoke from a deep sleep and sat up in bed. A cold sweat matted her bangs to her forehead and her heart was beating fast in a rhythm that seemed to scream his name. Lucas. Aaron. Miller. Lucas. Aaron. Miller. Lucas. Aaron. Miller. Over and over the words rang through her head as her heart beat in with them. It was as if her brain had shut off and was now incapable of thinking any other coherent thoughts. Lucas Aaron Miller. Lucas Aaron Miller. Lucas Aaron Miller.

Rosa drew in a deep shuddering breath and tried to slow her racing heart. Was this it? Was this her vision, her word from God, the name of her future husband? Was she really one of the lucky few that found out the name of her intended before she was even old enough to do anything about it? Rosa had just had her 16th birthday last May. She was days away from starting her junior year at Green Valley High School. That meant she had at least 2 years of knowing her future husbands name before they could even begin courting. Rosa groaned. No one could tell her God didn’t have a sense of humor. How in the world was she supposed to keep a secret this big for 2 whole years? She had trouble keeping a secret for 2 whole minutes!

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  1. I'm confused. Where's the excerpt?

  2. I came but I found no excerpt... :( sad for me.

  3. awww at the word-less post. I enjoyed this snippet though. I'm intrigued to read this one

  4. I'm keen to learn more about this guy.Fun excerpt.

  5. Sometimes it pays to be late to the party!! Great snippet ... love the premise!!

  6. Yay! You fixed it.
    This is a heck of an intriguing snippet. She gets a vision with the name of her future Husband, but has no idea who is really is or what he really looks like.
    Oh that would drive me crazy for sure. Great start. Rayanna and thanks for joining Wip this week ☺