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I was sick this week, and didn't get anything written up, so I am sharing a favorite scene of mine form my nearly finished WIP, The Bishop's First Bride, which is the 3rd book in my Love Multiplied Series. This copy has been edited and scenes are taken out to fit (sort of) within the parameters of the hop. (It's a little longer than suggested)
 I am having so much fun with this story, and I hope you enjoy it as well.

 Rosa was so enthralled by the day, and her engagement ring- she failed to see trouble heading their way- in the form of Carolyn Atwood. Had she seen her coming, she would have crossed the street to avoid her, but she was too wrapped up in her happiness to take notice until it was too late.

Carolyn looked as annoyingly perfect as usual, with her blond ringlets and her southern belle dress. Rosa felt a smidge of her usual feelings of insignificance and comparison creeping up on her, but she quickly pushed them away. She was no longer the shy plain wallflower of her school-girl days. It had been over a year since she had last seen Carolyn Atwood, as Carolyn was attending school in the city, just as Rosa’s sisters were. But that last year had been an important one for Rosa, and she had changed drastically inside and out. She was comfortable in her own skin, and she would not allow Carolyn to intimidate her. Besides, she had the one thing Carolyn did not. She had Lucas, and now she had the diamond ring to prove he was hers, as well.

Carolyn stopped short in front of them, and immediately began to fawn over Luke, and ignore the fact that Rosa was even there.
“Lucas Miller! Is that you? Well, aren’t you a sight for sore eyes! It’s been what, two years?” Carolyn drawled, grabbing Luke to her chest in a forced hug. Luke sent Rosa a deer caught in headlights look, and carefully disentangled himself from the force that was Carolyn.
Rosa breathed a sigh of relief. Of course, Luke had it under control. He had always known just how to handle Carolyn.
“Carolyn.” Luke’s greeting was short but kind. He was never unkind-he would make a wonderful bishop, Rosa knew.
“Luke” Carolyn drawled, running a finger across his chest suggestively. “Is that any way to greet an old friend?” Carolyn puffed out her bottom lip in an exaggerated pout and Rosa couldn’t stop herself from rolling her eyes.
Luke was too nice. He actually fell for Carolyn’s pouting, and apologized for his short greeting. Rosa couldn’t believe it. She had always thought Luke too smart for Carolyn’s wiles, and now with a pout and an eyelash flutter he was eating out of her hand?
“I’m sorry Carolyn- that was rude of me. It’s nice to see you. You look well. Surely, you remember Rosa Collins?”
Carolyn smiled at Rosa for a half of a second before turning her attention back to Luke. “Are you just in town for the day Lucas? I’ve just finished my last class of the day, and I was heading over to this little café over yonder to get a snack. Why don’t you say goodbye to your friend and meet me over there in a few minutes?”
Rosa saw red. She didn’t even wait to see how Lucas would respond as all rational thought had left her brain at that point.
She sidestepped in front of Lucas, so that she was effectively wedged between Lucas and Carolyn, and putting both hands in front of her gave Carolyn a mighty shove- causing her to fall backwards into the street, right in a mud puddle. “I’m not his friend- I’m his fiancée!”
Carolyn just sat sputtering in the middle of the mud puddle- big crocodile tears forming in her eyes. “Well- I never!”

“Yeah? Well maybe you should never just a little more often! Why don’t you learn to act like a lady, and keep your hands off of my man! That’s right Carolyn- he’s mine, and we’re getting married in three weeks. Forgive me if your invitation gets lost in the mail!” Rosa was screaming and beginning to create quite a scene, before Luke jumped into action.
Rosa was still screaming choice words at Carolyn, when Luke stepped forward and graciously helped her out of the puddle- which only served to make Rosa angrier.
Her brain completely left her then, and when Luke reached down and offered Carolyn his hand, Rosa pushed him over too! Carolyn saw it coming, and scooted out of the way, and Luke fell in the puddle beside her with a splash, spraying more mud to cover her face and the front of her dress.
That’s when Rosa finally realized she had gone too far. She watched horrified, as a scowling, unamused Lucas rose from the puddle. His eyes were dark as he sent her a warning glance before turning and helping Carolyn out of the puddle.
Walking up to her, he leaned in close. “Do.not.move” he told her, his voice hard between gritted teeth.
He had Carolyn by the arm, and he helped her across the street to her car as Rosa looked on afraid to budge from her spot on the sidewalk. She had never seen Luke look anything but jovial and kind. Of course, she had never seen him pushed into a puddle of mud before either.
Before she knew it, he was back, and he was furious. He grabbed her upper arm, and pulled her along as they made their way up the street to where they had parked. He moved fast, and Rosa had to jog to keep up so that he wasn’t dragging her behind him.
Before she knew it, they were back at his truck, and Luke was opening the door for her. His truck was huge, so even though she wasn’t petite, he still had to boost her up so she could get in. Just as she was climbing in-he smacked her bottom hard! The sudden sting surprised her, and her hands went immediately back to cover her backside, causing her to lose balance and almost fall out of the truck. She shrieked and looked back at Luke startled.
“Consider it a preview,” he said.


They entered Green Valley, and Luke turned in the direction of the church. Rosa turned to him confused, finally breaking her silence.
“Lucas, where are we going? I figured you were taking me home?”
“Not a chance- You’re not getting off that easy.” He told her, lightening up his voice. He wanted to discipline her, not frighten her.
“I am taking you home- to our home- the one we will live in after the wedding. I had planned on fixing it up, and surprising you before the wedding, but your actions today have ruined that. Now, it is the only place we can have the privacy we will need to carry out your punishment.”
“My-my punishment?” Rosa’s mouth rounded in surprise and tears welled up in her eyes. She must not have caught the seriousness of Luke’s’ earlier words. He felt for her, and he knew this would not be easy for either of them, but it had to be done. Today would set the tone for the rest of their lives together.
When Luke came out of the shower, and saw Rosa’s balled fists and heard her angry cries- he had been mad for a moment, that she hadn’t followed his instructions, but then he re-grouped. He remembered his days spent listening to his dad counsel men on disciplining their wives. Every woman reacted to different things differently, his dad had always said. Rosa was still in the corner, so Luke didn’t think she had meant to be defiant. Perhaps corner time was something that would not work for Rosa. Only time would tell. Today’s events were an anomaly, and not the kind of things he expected to be dealing with on a regular basis in their marriage. Luke knew emotions ran high when Carolyn was involved, so, he decided to give Rosa the benefit of the doubt this time.
He was treading carefully. If it were up to him, the first time he disciplined Rosa would have been after they were married, and for something less significant. He turned from the room, and changed out of the basketball shorts he had found, and into his only other option- the hot pink sweats. He knew it would make her smile, and God, but he loved Rosa’s smile. He felt ridiculous, and he was worried that his attire might undermine his authority- but he knew they both needed to relax a little or today would not go well.
He called out to her, and she turned to him with her tight little fists, and her anger clouded face. He drew a deep breath and waited. Had he made the right decision? She took in his attire, and started to laugh helplessly.
He blew out a sigh of relief and gathered her in his arms. He held her, and wiped her tears, and waited, taking his signals from her. When she turned to him with a sad but expectant smile, he knew it was time. He led her over to the plastic covered couch and sat down. He wasn’t ready to spank her yet, though. He knew this was one of those situations that wasn’t entirely black and white, and a proper lecture would be necessary.
“Rosa, what happened today?”
“What, you weren’t there?” she asked snottily, and Luke grimaced. Okay apparently, that had been the wrong question.
“Rosa” he said with a warning tone. “I’m trying to talk to you, and get your side of the story, and find out why you reacted the way you did. My patience only reaches so far, so I suggest you check your attitude before you answer me again. Now, let me ask you this again- Why did you think it was a good idea to shove Carolyn into a mud puddle?”
“Luke- she practically propositioned you- right in front of me! If she was willing to go that far right in front of me, what is she going to do behind my back?” She jumped up and began pacing in front of him, and he could see that there was no way to have this conversation go easily. Carolyn was a hot button for his Rosa.
“Okay, I see your point. But, let me ask you this. Do you think that I want Carolyn Atwood? Have I ever acted in a way around her that would make you think I find her anything other than a friend? And that’s using the tern friend loosely. Very loosely.”
Rosa was chewing on her lip, and looking unconvinced. Luke’s heart hurt. Did she really think he was that kind of guy?
“She’s just so pretty, and she goes after what she wants, and she usually gets it too!” Her answer was a weight lifted off of him. It was insecurity that they were dealing with- not a lack of trust in him. Insecurity he could deal with. He knew a backwards way to make a woman feel secure-spank it into her. It was crazy, but he knew it worked- which was lucky- because he was doing it anyway.
“Okay-that’s enough of that. Focusing on Carolyn is getting us nowhere. It’s unfortunate that Carolyn was there today, and that she isn’t having to answer for her inappropriate actions- but that doesn’t mean you don’t have to answer for yours, understand?”
“Yes, I understand” Rosa mumbled, picking at the plastic covering on the couch.
“Good. Now, what can I do better in the future to ensure you don’t go shoving women into mud puddles?”
“I don’t know” Rosa pouted.
“That’s not an acceptable answer,” he informed her. “Try again.”
“You could not be so nice,” she said scowling.
“Really? Was I being overly nice, or was I just being polite? I don’t think I was being any nicer to Carolyn than I have ever been before. I had my guard up, and there was no way I was going to fall for her desperate ploy for attention. I know a little more than most about why Carolyn is the way she is- and that’s all I am going to say about it. I’m very sorry, if you felt threatened or if you felt like I wasn’t doing as much as I could to discourage her- but I assure you that was not the case. I may have been polite and courteous to Carolyn, but I assure you my heart and my thoughts, and my concern was for you. And regardless, you were completely out of line. Seriously, I don’t know what got into you.”
Rosa was silent, but Luke could tell he was finally getting through to her. It was time to move on to the spanking.
“Rosa, part of our agreement is that you will be held accountable for your actions. You know that I cannot let this go unpunished. You behaved atrociously towards me, and towards Carolyn, and whether she deserved it or not is of little consequence.” He raised his eyebrows as Rosa opened her mouth to protest.
“I know for certain that I did not deserve to be treated like that, and that you are perfectly capable of solving a problem without resorting to violence and temper tantrums as you did today. I’m aware that this is your first spanking, and I will take that under advisement, but I’m gonna warn you right now, it’s going to be a doozy.”
“I’m ready to get it over with-Sir” Rosa tilted her chin and gave him a brave half smile.
“That’s my girl.”  He helped position her across his lap on the couch, and raised his arm to begin. Before he did he leaned down close to her ear, and whispered. “Don’t forget- It’s my first time too.”

Luke’s whispered words made Rosa smile. Right before her bottom exploded in pain. She nearly jumped off his lap by the second swat- the pain was more intense than anything she had experienced. Luke’s hand pressed in the center of her back- keeping her down, but also calming her.
“Relax, darling, we’re going to be here for a while,” he told her.
“OOOh” she growled at him. Trust Luke to keep his sense of humor even when he was spanking her! He kept his hand flat, and hard, and oh, but he had big hands. Rosa didn’t think she had ever noticed how large his hands were but she could certainly feel it now. Her bottom, as well of the rest of her was fairly petite in frame, and his hand easily covered one whole cheek. She was thankful for the protection of her clothing and even more thankful that she had chosen a denim skirt over her usual cotton maxi skirt. Luke’s hand slapped her bottom over and over, switching sides back and forth in no particular pattern. She never knew when or where the next swat would land. She cried out, and began to wiggle and squirm- she didn’t know if she could take much more!
Luke paused and she felt sweet relief, but only for a moment. The next thing she knew, he shifted his legs upwards, and she tilted forwards her face getting dangerously close to the wood floor. What did he mean by this? She wondered. He struck again, harder and lower, across her tender bottom crease, and she could not help herself she began to cry. He paddled her repeatedly with his hand across her sit spots and she began to get frantic. Her flight response kicked in and she squirmed herself right off his lap, until she fell at his feet in a weepy mess. She thought for sure that it would be the end of her spanking, but Luke wordlessly scooped her up, and unceremoniously plopped her back over his knee. He Held one arm across her back, pinning her arms to keep her from being able to reach back and cover herself. Unable to fight with her arms, she used her legs. She kicked her legs up in a scissor motion, whining and crying. That didn’t phase him either. He brought his leg up over the top of hers and she was effectively trapped. Unable to do anything else but submit to her spanking, she fell docile across his body and began to sob. She could have sworn she heard him mumble something to the effect of “Now we’re getting somewhere.”

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