Tuesday, September 30, 2014


Hi WIP IT UP friends!

I've been busy the past few weeks and keep forgetting to join in the hop fun! /but I'm back now, with great news, The Bishop's First Bride has been submitted and accepted by Blushing Books!  And I'm hard at work on my Corbin's Bend book as the deadline is looming near.

So, I thought I would give one last sneak peak at The Bishop's First Bride, a fun little scene that's a favorite of mine.


Luke and Rosa walked around the town hand in hand in companionable silence.  Rosa could feel the stares and whispers of the townspeople. They weren’t being mean or gossipy, just curious at the new development. For the most part everyone chose to leave them alone as it was easy to deduce that their relationship was brand new, and they were too wrapped up in each other to really notice anyone else anyway.

Sometime between their second and third tour around the small downtown, Luke stopped them.

“This is nice, Rosa, but we should really go somewhere and talk. Have you had lunch?”

“Yes, I’ve eaten. Have you?”

“I have,” he said patting his stomach. “But, I could probably go for a snack,” he admitted sheepishly.

Rosa smiled. “Fries and a milkshake from Adele’s? It’s a weakness of mine.”

“Adele’s, it is. I hope you don’t mind if I eat again. I have been dreaming of an Adele burger for the last two years. “

Rosa smiled and laughed. “Knock yourself out, but I might have to steal a bite or two,” she teased.

They quickly made their way up the road to the town’s beloved 50’s style burger joint and went in. Rosa took a deep breath as they entered. It was their very first public date, which was kind of a big deal, at least in Green Valley.

As they entered, all eyes were on them, and many people gave gasps of surprise, and a few others whistled, and a few made teasing comments, but it was all in good fun. Still Rosa was embarrassed and froze in horror from all the attention. She didn’t move until Luke squeezed her hand encouragingly and nudged her toward a booth.

Once they had ordered their food, and the other patrons had gotten bored of watching them and gone back to their own business, there was a definite lull in their conversation but Rosa didn’t mind. She was comfortable around Luke, and enjoyed the thrill she got from just being around him.

From their open table in the back of the restaurant, they could hear the conversations of the neighboring customers perfectly. Rosa was trying to be polite and ignore it, or think of things to say to Lucas herself so she wouldn’t be tempted to listen in, until two older ladies from church came in and took the double top table right next to theirs. They were talking loudly, and as they went to sit down, one of the ladies jumped back up with a start and began to rub her ample bottom vigorously, as the other lady looked on knowingly.

“What did you do now?” her companion asked.

“I don’t know what you mean!” her friend exclaimed with a laugh. “I never do anything! I am the perfect example of a virtuous wife!”

“Uh-huh. Might I remind you that I am married to the same man, and I live in the same house, and I am having absolutely no trouble sitting. What was it this time? A hissy fit over something silly? Unfinished chores, a shopping spree, a few too many mimosas?”

The lady with the sore bottom glared at her companion.

 “Well, if you must know—I’ve been having trouble dealing with stress lately and being motivated, and Gerald has instituted daily maintenance this week to see if it helps me any.”

“And is it? Helping any?”

The one with the sore bottom grinned ruefully. “Well, it’s certainly helping me not spend the day sitting around on my butt !” she exclaimed. The two ladies burst into raucous laughter.

Rosa was both horrified and transfixed. She didn’t notice how long she had been staring until Lucas knocked on their table to get her attention.

“Rosa!” he hissed, “You are being extremely rude.”

Rosa went white at Luke’s admonishing tone. She was humiliated, and refused to look at him. She felt horrible, both for ignoring Luke and for eavesdropping on a private conversation.

“I’m so sorry,” she whispered, her eyes glued to the blue formica tabletop.

Well that's all I've got today!
This is a hop- get a sneak peek at some fun upcoming books!


  1. Great snippet! It does seem that having a sore bottom would get someone moving! I can't wait to read more! :-)

  2. Welcome back Rayanna. Congratulations on your soon to be new publication. I have enjoyed all the excerpts you've posted from this story. Now though, you leave me oh so curious about these two women at the next table. They both share the same husband?
    Oh I must know more ☺

  3. Love the two wives. Great dialogue.

  4. Okay, I am officially intrigued! I must read more! I hope you post next week and continue on!