Wednesday, September 3, 2014


Hi Everyone! As usual, I am a little late to the party. I had a small crisis yesterday and shut my blog to private for a short time, and forgot to fix it. I'm buried under deadlines and things to do this week, so of course, i had to get sick as well. Such is life!

I only shared 2 paragraphs last week, so I thought I would continue where I left off, and try to write two more. For the first time ever, I actually have 2 WIPS I am working on at the same time. It's very confusing, but it must be done. 

So this is the next 2 paragraphs from where I left off last week.


But rules were rules. In the small polygamist town of Green Valley, they believed that a woman got a vision or a word from God that told her who she was supposed to marry. Normally, upon receiving this word, if the woman felt ready, she would take the name to the bishop, who would inform the intended husband and a short courtship of about a month would take place before the wedding. However, there was a catch. It didn’t happen often that Rosa knew of, but, every once in a while, a young lady would receive her name before she turned eighteen. When that happened, they could do nothing. They had to basically just sit on the information and pray for that person, until their eighteenth birthday.  After that, they could take the proper steps at any time they felt inclined and ready. There was no obligation to rush, although most women in Green Valley married in their early twenties or younger. Young women such as herself who found their intended early, were required to keep the secret. To do anything else had caused many problems in the past, until Bishop Miller had decided years ago, that it was in their best interest to keep it to themselves until they were of age, imploring them to keep the secret even from their parents. She understood why- It was just- Oh, Heck- her brain started to wake up and she began to realize the implications of her situation. Bishop Miller. Lucas Aaron Miller. Luke Miller- She was supposed to marry the Bishop’s son? It couldn’t be!
Rosa sat frozen in bed as the truth set in. Lucas – Luke as she knew him from school- was to be her future husband. How had she gotten so lucky? She was just Rosa- daughter of a grocer and a housewife.  She was nothing special. In her family, she was not the prettiest like her sister Laura, nor the smartest- that was Margaret, nor the most athletic-a title that most certainly went to Jean Marie.  Beth Anne of course was the kindest- and Josie was the funniest. And then of course, there was Emily who was just all around amazing- a total golden child. What was Rosa? All her life she had just been the token middle child- mediocre through and through. And now she was to wed the bishop’s son? Luke was everything she was not. Tall with honey colored hair and deep green eyes, Luke excelled at everything he did. He had graduated last spring as valedictorian. He had been class president, and captain of the lacrosse team. When he wasn’t doing those things he had tutored grade school students, and helped his dad in church.

Rosa was fully awake now, and her mind was racing. She woke up slightly more each passing minute, and as she did, she began to have more and more panic inducing thoughts.
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  1. This story sounds intriquing. It'll be interesting to see how it unfolds.

  2. Maybe you shared it last week and I couldn't find it, but do we know how far from the age of majority Rosa is? How long she has to wait? I really am intrigued by how you're approaching this. The background on the Bishop's thoughts on inspiration gained before 18 years old is fascinating! I also appreciate the thoughts of child birth order in Rosa's family

    1. I did share it last week. The story starts when she is 16, and stays that way for 2 chapters. Rosa was mentioned once or twice in Bride Two Soon, and I wanted to make it clear early on that she was one of Beth Anne's sisters. This has been one of my favorite stories to write so far!

    2. But now that you mention it, I see I didn't actually put the sisters in the correct order that I had intended to. Beth Anne is the oldest. :)

    3. oops on the birth order- good thing this is a WIP and you have the chance to start it.

  3. The plot thickens and now Rosa not only knows the name of her future husband, but also that he's the Bishop's son. Oh wow what an intriguing beginning. I like the background on her lineage and how different this pair seems to be.
    I really like where this is going Rayanna. Sorry for your troubles with your blog earlier but very happy you came back this morning to make sure we could all see this post. It's truly not one I would have wanted to miss. ☺