Friday, November 7, 2014

SatSpanks! #NewRelease- The Bishop's First Bride- Spanked in Hot Pink Sweats!

Hi Sat Spankers! I'm back, been super busy finishing up a book and having family in town- but I had a new release this last week! The Bishop's First Bride came out on Tuesday!

I have shared bits of this story with you already while I was still in the process of writing it but now that it is officially out, I'm excited to share a funny little bit with you.

In this, Rosa is in the corner, at their brand new empty house, awaiting her first ever spanking after an emotional outburst involving her high school nemesis...and a mud puddle.


The tears continued to fall as she replayed the day in her mind. She knew the purpose of corner time was not to get herself angry and worked up , but she couldn't seem to stop that from happening. The longer she was there, the more worked up she got. By the time Luke got out of the shower and joined her in the living room, her hands were balled in fists at her sides, and her face was streaked with angry tears.

When he called her name, she turned to face him--and exploded in laughter. "Lucas-what are you wearing?"

He grinned at her, and her heart melted. His chest was bare and his pants were hot pink, and about three sizes too big!

Ooops! That's my eight sentences! Guess the actual spanking will have to wait till next week!  Or you know the drill- If you can't wait until then, guess you'll have to buy the book! This is a blog hop so don't forget to visit all the links for more sexy spanky snippets!


Rosa Collins was only sixteen when she received a vision telling her of her future husband. Knowing that her husband would be Lucas, the Bishop's son, and future Bishop of Green Valley, both thrilled and terrified her. They were a match made in heaven, she knew, perfect for each other.
But becoming the Bishop's Wife is harder than Rosa anticipated. She struggles to transform herself into the perfect Bishop's Wife that her husband needs.
Lucas misses the real Rosa. Somewhere between getting married, and becoming the future Bishop's wife, his beloved wife has lost part of herself. Lucas knows that a good, old fashioned spanking is exactly what Rosa needs to help her find balance in her unrealistic expectations of what the perfect wife should be. But, try as he might, that balance doesn't come easily for Rosa, and it certainly didn't help that her high school nemesis kept popping up and making trouble.
Will Lucas help her realize that all he wants is for his wife to be happy? Can Rosa pull herself together enough to become the Bishop's First Wife?

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  1. What a cute and funny excerpt Rayanna ! I can't wait to see what the reason is for his pink pants :)

  2. I really think I'm going to like this couple - I guess I'll have to read more to find out. Congratulation on the release.

  3. It's on my Kindle, but the list is ever growing longer. I can't seem to find the time to read, write and actually live. lol

  4. LOL, nice way to break the ice and help her over her strop. Gret job, Rayanna :)

  5. hehe, I loved this scene.
    Congrats, Rayanna!

  6. Great snippet! :-) Congrats on the release! :-)

  7. Not what I was expecting. A nice surprise!

  8. What? ! You totally got me there!!

  9. Baggy pink pants!?! Now that's what I call a cliffhanger, Rayanna. Shame on you...

    (Thanks for posting:)

  10. Cute. Can't wait to see what happens next.

  11. Haha. Very funny. I'm dying to know what he has pants in. Congrats on your release!!