Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Sue Lyndon: Brain Food, Self-Publishing and Maid to Submit

I'm so excited to be hosting Sue Lyndon on my blog today with one of her newer releases, and her first self-published story- Maid to Submit.

I just have a few questions for her. (Just a few, I promise)

After working with publishers for several years, why did you decide to self-publish?

Because all the cool kids are doing it. Okay, seriously? I feel like being a multi-platform author (published with publishers and also self published) is the best way to have a secure career in writing.

Makes Sense. How was it different, and what did you like about the experience?

I liked having control over everything. It was scary at times, but a good feeling. I decided to start out small with a short story. Eventually I plan to work my way up to self publishing a novella or novel. I'm not planning to self pub everything from here on out though. I do have several upcoming books planned with publishers.

Keeping Your Options open, and broadening your horizons. I like that. It sounds like a good career move. And, I like that you are taking baby steps with it. That's the way I like to do everything.

Now onto a more light-hearted question. What's your favorite candy?

Well, I have quite a few favorites, but pretzel M&M's are my go to candy, especially when I am editing. My husband refers to them as my "editing brain food".

Yum. Peanut Butter M&M's are my fave, but pretzel is a close second.

A little more about Sue Lyndon:

Author bio: Sue Lyndon is a multi-published author of erotic BDSM romance and spanking romances. She enjoys a good book in any genre, loves Star Trek and Battlestar Galactica, and runs on coffee and chocolate.


Maid to Submit is a short story of approximately 8,000 words.

Ally's all dressed up and eager to spend Halloween night with her spanko boyfriend, Mark, but on her way out the door her roommate regretfully informs her that she saw Mark having lunch with another woman. Ally's heartbroken, but she's also angry...angry enough to hurl toilet paper through all the trees in front of Mark's house, among other naughty things. She doesn't plan on being caught red-handed, but she soon finds herself being tossed over Mark's shoulder and carried into his house.

Mark insists they talk about whatever has Ally so upset, and if he has to hold her captive--or spank her--until she settles down enough to listen, so be it. He informs a stunned Ally that the busty blonde he had lunch with was...his mother! Now he's got his hands full with an apologetic French maid who is very much in need of correction. He's understanding that Ally has some trust issues because of her past, but he certainly won't tolerate such naughty, irresponsible behavior from the woman he loves. He informs her that she's to endure a thorough inspection followed by a hard spanking on her bare bottom, and that's just the beginning of her punishment.

Will Mark get his errant maid to submit to an ordeal that is sure to leave her blushing?

Note: This story contains a naughty French maid who looks good in handcuffs, a no-nonsense firefighter with a twitchy palm, bare bottom spankings galore, and other erotic scenes sure to make your e-reader sizzle. Please don't buy this book if such material offends you.


She surveyed his illuminated lawn and hurled the tote bag beside a large tree on the edge of the clearing. With a sense of determination, she retrieved the box of plastic forks. Starting in the center of his yard, she began sticking forks in the grass, making a wide row of fifty before starting a new row. By the time she finished, she was breathless from constantly bending over, but all five hundred of the forks were sticking straight out of his lawn. God bless Jen and her love of buying everything, including plastic utensils, in bulk.
“How do you like that, Mark?” she muttered as she jogged back to the tote bag. “Fork you and your busty blonde friend.” She beamed inwardly with satisfaction. She almost wished she could stay hidden in the woods overnight, just to watch him bend over and pull out every single plastic fork the next day.
The toilet papering job was a work of art. Ally’s older sister, Leanne, had taught her how to gingerly grasp the end of a toilet paper roll and hurl it high over tree branches when they were in high school. Though years had passed since their last naughty escapade, she still had an arm for throwing. She used every last square of toilet paper, winding it through each tree in his front yard until the job was complete. Standing back, she surveyed the scene with pride, knowing Leanne would approve.
Grasping the bottle of ketchup, Ally headed for the concrete walkway that led from his driveway to his front door. Using long, elegant cursive strokes, she painted, “Cheater cheater pumpkin eater,” across the entire length of the walkway.
Just as she stood up to inspect her handiwork, someone grabbed her from behind and placed a hand firmly over her mouth. She dropped the bottle of ketchup and screamed.

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  1. Thanks so much for having me today, Rayanna! :)

  2. Wow, pretzel M&Ms are my favorite!!

  3. Fun, light story. A good way to dip your toe in to self-publishing!

  4. What a great blog post! It was great learning a little more about this journey. Great job ladies!