Sunday, January 18, 2015

A long time ago, in a far away land....

On the windy stinky cheese beaches of the land of nowhere, a senior and a freshman took the same Spanish class.
Of course, the senior snuck out and ditched class every chance she got. It was the period right before lunch after all.
 But sometimes she was there.
 And she met a shy,yet somewhat outspoken freshman who, unlike her, had not been thoroughly corrupted by the ways of high school yet. And so she went to work corrupting her.

 Okay, that's not what happened. the truth is, Senior year is a blur for me, but I do remember Danielle from Spanish class.
Then I moved away, moved back, got married, bought a house and started having babies. And Danielle's best friend bought the house next to mine. And so it began. Years of kids parties, and adult parties, and bar nights, and bbq's, and a very raunchy group of friends.

 You might have heard me say before that I had a reputation for being the prude one in my group of friends. Well, if I was known as the prude one, Danielle was probably known as the nun. Except she was married. And things are not always as they seem.

So here we are, the prude and the nun, secretly (or not so secretly as the case may be) writing naughty stories under pen names. If our friends only knew, right? (It's always the quiet ones, I tell ya)

How did we end up here?

Well, you already basically know how I began writing. So here is the rest of the story as it applies to Danielle.

Danielle and I shared a common interest. We both liked to watch polygamy shows and movies. So, because I've never been terribly great at keeping happy secrets, shortly before my first book came out, I sent Danielle a word copy. (without my pen name or book title anywhere on it, because I am sneaky like that.) And then I pre-apologized up down and sideways for the fact that it included a spanking fetish.

And Danielle said  "It's okay, I read Fifty Shades" (big groan)

But, she loved it.  So I sent her the second one. And hen her hubby went out and bought her a kindle. And she found the Blushing Books website, and asked me for book recommendations. And then, she started reading, Corbin's Bend, Patty Devlin, Emily Tilton, Meredith O' Reilly and who knows what else.

And then we started talking about me, how I knew about this, and what I thought of it, and (eep) even my experiences with it. And then she realized that DD was a THING, and not just a story thing. And she found BLOGS!

 All of this stuff happened in the course of a week, and then she said "I'm going to write one:"


And now, It's out!!! Today is her release day!!!!

And her book, Taming the Preacher's Daughter is LIVE on Blushing!!!


Savi wanted to be everything she wasn't. Tired of being the perfect preacher's daughter, she wants to step out of her father's shadow.
Deciding to go against everything she has been taught and wanting her first summer back from college to be a wild one, she begins to party and she sets her sights on the local lifeguard Eric. Eric has always had a place in Savi's heart, secretly she has always wanted to be with him. After finding out that Eric attends her father's church and realizing what her father's church really practices, Savi goes on a downward spiral. Can love conquer her fears?

Blushing Books


  1. That's fantastic! And now I'm off to check it out...

  2. Love this post Rayanna. I read windy stinky cheese beaches and thought, oh yeah, this is gonna be good.
    Congratulations Danielle, I'm glad the senior was there to corrupt you.