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Bared By The Billionaire- Kallista Dane -

I'm so pleased to have Kallista Dane sharing on my blog today.

Kallista, what can you tell us about this book?

Bared by the Billionaire is my newest erotic romance. I had a great time telling the story of Kyra Thornton and her initiation into the dark world of BDSM by sexy scientist/inventor and Dom Jake Harmon. He’s got some surprises for Kyra, including wild sex/tech toys he invented that he’ll use on her as he introduce her to his domination.

That sounds HOT. 1. Do you think today’s modern woman still enjoys reading about women being sexually dominated? Do you think women secretly long for this?

Yes and absolutely yes. All you need to do is look at the explosion of stories out there about spanking and domination. Not all of us, mind you, but I think many strong women are aching to find an even stronger man who will be kind and loving, but firm at times.

The human race has been around for millennia and our feminine DNA is still hard-wired to be drawn to the Alpha male who will jump up after sex to protect the cave or hunt down a mammoth for dinner while we’re lying back and purring in satisfaction.

:) I'll agree with that.

Here's a little more info about Kallista, before she shares a steamy excerpt with us.

Kallista’s Bio

 Like my ancestor Scheherezade, I cannot sing or paint or dance. I have but one talent – I am a weaver of words. As a little girl I was scared to take risks. As a woman, I’ve walked on the Great Wall of China, scuba dived in underwater caves, and skied a black diamond run in Vail. But the greatest risk I’ve taken is putting my naughtiest secret fantasies in print.

 I love to tell stories of strong women and the even stronger men who suddenly show up in their lives when they expect it least and need it most.


Kyra could see herself reflected in the huge mirrored wall. Harmon pulled the thin gown up to her waist, baring her bottom completely. Then he spread the cheeks of her ass apart with one gloved hand while sliding the thermometer slowly inside her with the other. Kyra squirmed, trying desperately to ignore the indecent desires he was awakening in her.

All the while he asked her questions. “Do you enjoy anal stimulation? Have you experienced anal intercourse? Do you fantasize about your partner engaging in ass play with you during sex?”

 Kyra flushed with shame. She couldn’t lie about anything. The buzzing machine would give her away immediately.

 “Yes. No,” and then a whispered “yes,” barely loud enough to hear.
Harmon kept moving the thermometer around inside her as he forced her to admit her naughtiest secret desires. Finally, he pulled it out, only to inset a new object – a series of round balls attached together, each one larger than the next, with an open ring at the end for a handle.

“It’s...oooh its so tight going in it’s stretching me...uuh...yes, I love how it feels now, filling me up, the smallest one going farther and farther inside me, they’re getting bigger every time oh no, too big, too much I can’t take another one ...aaah.” Kyra forced the words out, panting and moaning as he continued. She looked in the mirror and froze, clenching her bottom together in terror to stop the largest ball from penetrating her.

 “Nurse, I need some assistance here,” Harmon declared. He stepped to one side, with the object still up inside her, his hand gripping the handle attached to the largest ball.
Kyra gasped as Natalie gave her raised bottom a hard whack with a wooden paddle she produced from a drawer on the cart.

 “Thank you, Nurse. Kyra, you might as well try to relax. You’re going to take this implement in your bottom and continue describing how it feels in detail – with or without Nurse Natalie assisting me by spanking you when you resist what I’m doing.”

 His masterful statement accompanied by the harsh whack set off a rush deep inside her.

 “Tell me. Do you like this?”

 “Yes. Oooh...yes. You know I do. You - and your machines.” Kyra’s voice was ragged, the words coming between her moans and whimpers.

 “Nurse, I’ll take it from here. You’re excused.”

 Kyra barely noticed Natalie leaving the room. Her whole body was quivering. She crouched on her hands and knees, her ass up in the air being violated by that wicked implement, with Harmon’s fingers plunging in and out of her pussy as he stoked a vicious craving she never knew existed. She was being taken in the ass and in the pussy, both at once for the very first time. Kyra whipped her head from side to side, struggling to stay in place on the table as her orgasm built.

 “Good girls get rewarded. Naughty girls get punished.” He stopped all at once. “Tell me, Kyra, do good girls lie?”

 “, Sir.” She managed to blurt out the words, panting heavily.

 “And did you lie to me?”

 She was nearly sobbing now, the need to come was so great. “Yes, Sir.”

 Harmon slid his fingers out of her, then, one by one, he slowly removed the string of balls from her ass. Kyra shuddered as each one was withdrawn.

 “So you admit that you were naughty. You lied.” Harmon stopped and consulted his chart. “Eleven times in all. You’re going to be punished now for lying. And you don’t get to come tonight. Orgasms are a reward that only good girls get. Now stay in place up on the

table, just like that. Next time, maybe you’ll be a good girl.”

OH MY!!!!

Sales Blurb

Kyra Thornton is in serious trouble. Her former boss has disappeared after stealing every dime from the company's trust account and framing her for the theft, so when the FBI offers her a way to prove her innocence and escape prosecution, she hesitantly agrees. All she has to do is go undercover, take a job working for billionaire technology entrepreneur Jake Harmon, and find evidence to prove the FBI’s claims that he masterminded the crime.

There's just one catch: Jake is a Dom, and he’s looking for someone who can be both a financial officer for his company and the perfect sub for him. Kyra has never been a sub—or wished to be one—but under the circumstances she is left with little choice, and she soon finds herself stripped bare and on her knees awaiting Jake’s every command. To make matters worse, her new master quickly proves more than ready to punish any disobedience with a long, hard, deeply humiliating spanking.

But to Kyra’s shock, Jake’s firm-handed dominance and skillful mastery of her body leaves her not only blushing with shame and aroused far beyond anything she's ever experienced before, it also leaves her yearning for more. It isn't long before she feels a growing need to submit both her body and her heart to the dark, mysterious billionaire. But when the time comes to fulfill the bargain that kept her out of prison, can she trust Jake to protect her, or will she cast aside her newfound love to save herself?

Publisher’s Note: Bared by the Billionaire is an erotic romance novel that includes spanking, sexual scenes, BDSM, anal play, exhibitionism, elements of medical play, and more. If such material offends you, please don’t buy this book.


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