Monday, January 26, 2015

Pk Corey - Cassie's Conflict

 Hi PK! Thanks for coming by and visiting today! I'm so excited to hear all about your newest Cassie book!

Rayanna, thank you so much for having me over today. I want to let as many

people know as possible about the newest in the Cassie Series. For those not

familiar with Cassie, she is not your beautiful, hot, twenty-something. She is your

beautiful, hot, sixty-something. But she has fans from eighteen to eighty. If you are

a lover of spanking stories, I promise you’ll like Cassie. Cassie’s Conflict is the

fifth in the series, but each book can easily stand alone. You can jump right in with

this one and then go back and see how it all began.

Blurb for Cassie’s Conflicts:

Cassie is one busy lady. The new country club/spa has opened and the whole gang

is enjoying all the amenities. That is until a new club member, Clara, begins toride roughshod over everyone.  The situation worsens until it becomes physical,but even that doesn’t stop it.

Cassie seems to find little conflicts everywhere she turns, but it’s not always herfault. Tom is over protective about her health, sending Cassie into a tantrum. Inaddition a few things happen on the girl’s trip that lands Cassie, as well as theother ladies, in even more hot water.  Through it all Tom is there to love and protect Cassie in his own unique way.


“Now, Tom, you don’t need to use that brush. I’ve been good as gold for
months now and that ought to give me some credit. Will you just listen to me about

“I always listen, girl,” Tom answered me. “But I’m very upset about yesterday
and I can’t think of anything you can say that is going to change that.”

Well he was giving me the chance to talk and I was going to give it my best
effort. “Tom, I have avoided Clara like the plague. I was trying my best to do as
you asked. I worked at it trying to avoid this very thing but someone had to say
something. Tom, you wouldn’t just stand there and say nothing. You would stand
up for your friends. I didn’t use foul language or attack in any way I just stood up
for my friends. And,” I went on, when he didn’t immediately challenge me. “I
stopped myself and left. I went to Sue’s to vent.” That stopped me for a minute.

“Tom, I’m really sorry I drank so much at Sue’s. I promise that was not my intent
when I went over, but she had made martinis and I just got carried away. Honey,
can’t you understand I didn’t set out to make you mad or do anything wrong?”

Tom came over to the bed – brush still in hand and pulled me over his lap. “I
understand what you’re saying, girl, but you need to listen to me.”

“Don’t you think I can hear you sitting up?” I ask in exasperation.

“I know I have your full attention this way,” he began. He quickly pulled my
robe up and began with his hand. Talking didn’t slow him one bit. “I know Clara is
horrible. I know something needs to be done about her, but you will not be the one
to take her on. I don’t think she is stable and confronting her puts you in danger. I
won’t have it. When I told you to stay away from her, it wasn’t a suggestion.”

He stopped talking then and concentrated on spanking. Forget what I said
about only a hand spanking. He was into it and I could feel my bottom searing.

And I had a growing fear that if he was spanking this hard for just confronting
Clara, I needed to find an escape before he began telling me what he thought of my
drinking the afternoon away with Sue.

All the Cassie books in order are:

Cassie's Space

Cassie's Tale

Cassie on the Move

Cassie's River Living

Cassie's Conflict

All the books can be found at Blushing Books, Amazon and Barnes and Noble

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  1. Thank you PK and Rayanna for sharing. I just love Cassie and Tom :) Really enjoyed the excerpt PK. Cassie is a trier lol. "Don't you think I can hear you sitting up?", love it! So Cassie :)


  2. I love Cassie, Tom and friends. Not read Cassie's latest book but it's there waiting.

    Thanks PK and Rayanna.


  3. Rayanna, I appreciate you having me over. Roz, Ronnie so happy you came by. You're two of Cassie's besties!