Friday, January 16, 2015

Sat Spanks- Josiah's First Spanking...

I bet the title threw you off didn't it?

In my new book, Josiah comes from the polygamous community of Green Valley, a place where he always knew he didn't belong, but he wasn't ready to leave. He had never taken a wife, and was still single at the age of 35. He always knew he wasn't cut out for polygamy but he wanted a domestic discipline relationship. When his bishop tells him about Corbin's Bend, he knows it's finally time to make a change and live his life.

He had never been in a relationship, and he had never spanked a woman.

“Such a beautiful, perfect, ass,” he whispered, giving her stinging flesh a hard pinch on
the fleshiest part of her cheek. She emitted a low growl at the pain, and frowned when she heard
him chuckle. She wiggled her ass at him in what she hoped was a teasing manner, craving the
burning imprint of his rough skin on her bare flesh. His hand left her bottom once again, and she
bit her lip to keep from crying out in anticipation.
He didn’t disappoint. The pain of the spanking was stronger now, each slap of flesh on
flesh felt like the sting of a thousand bees. His blows were slow, and methodical, perfectly executed to deliver a new wave of pain every ten seconds. She knew because she counted.


I think Josiah's going to be just fine in Corbin's Bend, don't you?


Josiah Jefferson left the polygamist community he grew up in to make a new home in Corbin's Bend. He wanted to find the one  woman he could love and spank for the rest of his life. When a summer storm blows beautiful Lannea Paulsen into his life, he sees it as fate and never looks back.

Lannea Paulsen, better known as Laney to everyone but the stubborn Josiah, has had two goals since she moved to Corbin's Bend last year. Save enough money to buy half of The Ginger Paddle, the sushi restaurant she runs with her cousin, and find a strong dominant man who is willing and ready to take her in hand in every way possible.

When Laney puts the business in jeopardy, Josiah comes to the rescue. One thing leads to another and they find themselves in a tumultuous platonic  DD relationship. Sparks fly  as they both refuse to admit the depth of their true feelings. Will they settle for less than they desire or will they chase after everything they have ever wanted?

For more sexy spanky snippets, check out what these authors are up to! I know they have some great stuff to share with you. It's been a busy week for new releases!


  1. I finished this one last night, Rayanna. I loved it! Josiah and Laney are a great new couple in town. How lucky she was to meet him on his first day in town.

  2. I've got this on my kindle waiting to be read. I can't wait.

  3. It's on my Kindle, been trying to read it the last couple of days but there's been many other obligations. Hoping to start it tomorrow.