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Stevie MacFarlane- Guest Spot

I'm so excited to have one of my favorite spanking romance authors, Stevie Macfarlane visiting me today, with not one, but TWO new releases! ( And that's not even all she has, girl is on fire lately!)

Hi Stevie, Thanks for joining us today! I've seen you have a lot of books come out recently, so I know you are very busy. Do you have anything you are working on right now?

Yes, several. I’m working on book two in this series, In This Lifetime. Keriann McKenna and I are getting ready to put out Book Two in The Fall River Ranch series. I have a paranormal I work on when I’m stumped and also a short story.

Tell us about The Trouble With Abby.

The Trouble With Abby, is the sixth book in the O’Malley family saga. It’s about a large Irish-
American family who believe in loving domestic discipline. There are tons of characters and they all have their own personalities. I truly love this family and they make me laugh while I’m working.

I've really enjoyed the ones in this series that I have read. The others are still sitting on my kindle waiting for me to find them time.


Connor McCabe recognized Abby as someone who needed looking after fromthe moment he met her and immediately appointed himself her protector. A former Navy Seal, used to being respected and obeyed, it wasn’t long before he was taking her in hand, determined to instill some sense into her beautiful head. In his opinion, Abby was a little wild, drank too much and was entirely too confident in her martial arts skills.

Abigail Stevens’s diminutive size was one of the reasons she pursued her black belt. A girl had to know how to take care of herself in today’s world. She was proud of her accomplishments, even if her overgrown G.I. Joe didn’t take her seriously. Sure he was stronger and when he pulled her over his knees there wasn’t much doubt who was in charge, but that didn’t mean she wasn’t capable. It just meant that she was crazy about the dominant man, or maybe just plain crazy. In her mind the jury was still out.

When danger threatens Abby and those she holds dear, Connor and the other men in the O’Malley’s tight-knit circle do everything in their power to protect their women. As frustration and tensions mount the power struggle between Abby and Connor escalates, putting their entire relationship at risk until a hero makes a move, one that will change everything.

Abby slipped on a pair of black thong panties, shimmied into a pair of black pantyhose, mumbling under her breath as she cupped both of her bottom cheeks gently and did an uncomfortable little dance. Finally, she stripped them off, kicking them away as she looked over her shoulder and studied her ass in the mirror. Still red and slightly puffy, she was surprised to find no bruises of any consequence. How it could hurt as much as it did and not be black and blue, she wondered, scowling as she bent to get a better look.Apparently the man was a pro at this sort of thing, she softly mumbled under her breath.

Connor smiled and enjoyed the show. Carefully she smoothed lace-topped thigh-high stockings up each of her legs, giving him a lovely view of her well-punished bottom. Her breasts were still free, bouncing slightly with each movement, and when she covered them with a black lace bra he sighed in disappointment, even though the bra left little to the imagination.The olive, butt-hugging mini skirt that was lying at the foot of the bed was returned to the closet and replaced by a rust-colored suede one that was slightly longer and more flared. Pulling a black cowl-necked sweater over her head, she lost her balance for a moment and bumped against the dresser with a squeak.

“Prick,” she said softly, looking at Connor’s sleeping body.
Oh, so you are speaking to me today,” he said, shocking her.
“I thought you were asleep,” she snapped, pulling her hair free and picking up the brush.

“Obviously,” he replied, sitting up and stretching.

Abby quickly brushed her hair with long wincing strokes and tossed the brush on the dresser.
Her hands gathered the mass and began braiding, her nimble fingers weaving an intricate pattern.

Connor rose from the bed, towering behind her and watching her in the mirror. Wrapping his arms around her waist, he breathed in her scent.

“Why don’t you let me take that pretty outfit off you and we’ll go back to bed for a little while?” he asked, cupping her breast and tweaking the nipple.

“I’d rather have a root canal,” she said, smiling sweetly at him in the mirror as she tied off her braid and swung it behind her, slapping him in the jaw.

“Really you don’t even need to get undressed,” he said swatting the braid away. “All you have to do is bend over and let me slide that thong over,” he whispered, pushing his erection against her bottom.

“Connor, you’ve got a better chance of seeing God,” she said, picking up her earrings and sliding them in her ears. “In fact, if you don’t let me into the bathroom, you just might,” she continued, elbowing him in the ribs to back him up.

Connor grunted and stepped back.“You’d shoot me?” he asked, grinning cockily.

“You found my gun?” Abby gasped, spinning to face him as the color drained from her face.

“You really have an appalling lack of faith in my abilities,” Connor replied dryly. “Of course I found it.”

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Whew! They sound like a lot of fun!  And your next book that just came out, is a time travel? What were the challenges in bringing it to life?

This book was a bit more difficult as it is my first time travel. I looked up everything! I read all about Sheridan and the Indian Wars, read old newspapers, researched whether it was possible to have ice in 1880 Kansas, slang, the works.

Sounds like a lot of work!

Former Marine, Morgan Whittaker is but a shadow of the man he once was. Plagued by personal tragedy, his marriage in shambles; it’s no shock to him when he’s wounded while serving his last tour of duty. The only surprise is that he’s alive at all. Now he just wants to be left alone.

Despite knowing their marriage is over, Cara Whittaker finds it painful and annoying to see what her husband has become. As a last resort at helping him, along with increasing her status at the top secret government agency she works for, she offers him a once in a lifetime chance to travel back in time.

What he finds there is more than he ever dreamed. A new life, a family and love in the form of a spunky little saloon keeper in desperate need of discipline. Can he take the risk of remaining in 1880? He’s been warned not to tamper with the fragile fabric of the future, but he knows danger is coming. Can he stop it and change his destiny or will he run out of time?

Will he once again follow the rules or will he throw caution to the wind and step up to be the man he’s meant to be?


The moment the door closed behind them the worm turned. Morgan tossed her over his shoulder before the sigh of relief left her chest. Taking the back stairs two at a time he moved along the hallway.

 “Which room,” he demanded.

 “That one,” Callie Mae replied, pointing to her door.

 Morgan nodded and swiftly entered the room, closing and locking the door. Setting her on her feet, he removed her bandana and bound her wrists together before she realized what his plan was. Taking her hands, he pulled them far above her head and slipped the scarf over the hook on the back of the door.

 “There, that should make things a little easier,” he smiled, reaching to undo her gun belt and setting it on the bureau. “I like it when things are conveniently placed.”

 “Morgan, you turn me loose right this minute,” she spat, jumping up and trying to free her hands.

 “No, do I look stupid?”

 “Do you really want me to answer that?” she asked nastily.

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About Stevie MacFarlane

Stevie MacFarlane lives in upstate New York with her husband of many years. She currently has 11 books out, including her very popular series about an Irish-American family, The O’Malley’s. To explain her writing preference she used a quote from her Amazon Author’s Page.

“All of my books are romances. I like a lot of conversation, a bit of humor, some fairly hot sex and spanking. If you're into whips and chains, these probably aren't for you. However, if you've ever watched a movie where the leading lady is being a perfect bitch and you feel like yelling at
he leading man, "Oh my God, spank her you fool!" these might be right up your alley.”

You can find Stevie at:
Amazon Author’s Page
Twitter: @steviemac1175
Email: steviemacfarlane@aol.com

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