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The Prude and The Nun Review Emily Tilton: Old Fashioned Values

In case you missed the memo, Brand New Spanking Romance author Danielle Logan and I are real life friends. (you can read about that here) And, yes, in our group of friends, we were pretty much the prude, and the nun. (It's always the quiet ones, I tell ya)

Danielle and I have a tendency to write pretty clean books, focusing on the spanking rather than the sex. But what we write, and what we read are two totally different things. And we are fans, and friends of one Queen of Hotiness (that's like Naughty Hotness), Emily Tilton.

So, we thought it would be fun to start reviewing some of her books together, beginning with a newer one that we both fell head over heels in love with. So without further ado, I present to you....

The Prude and The Nun Review of Old Fashioned Values, by Emily Tilton.

When Mark Weaver takes eighteen-year-old Sally Lanchester out on a second date and tells her afterwards that she’s earned a spanking for her disrespectful language, Sally is mortified... but another part of her can’t help but accept her punishment. After Mark spanks her bare bottom, Sally feels like her life has been changed forever. Is it possible that Mark could really offer her something she never thought possible in the twenty-first century: a man who will take her in hand, guide her, and even discipline her when he feels it necessary?
Her friends are shocked that she’s fallen so quickly for Mark and horrified that instead of being the independent, headstrong woman her parents tried to raise, she actually wants to submit to a man. But despite her friends’ apprehension, Sally is soon falling deeply in love with Mark as he begins to teach her, slowly and gently, what it means to offer her body to a dominant man both for punishment and for pleasure.
When Sally’s best friend seeks to explore her own growing need for dominance and discipline, Mark introduces her to his friend and mentor and the two hit it off quickly. But when the girls’ rich parents find out that their daughters are dating men who are not afraid to spank them, they threaten to ruin the men’s careers. Will this threat bring an end to their relationships, or will the girls - and their firm-handed men - stand up and defend their old-fashioned values?
Publisher’s Note: Old-Fashioned Values is an erotic romance novel that includes spankings, sexual scenes, anal play, elements of BDSM, and more. If such material offends you, please don’t buy this book.

Our Review, in Q&A form

1)What was your first impression as you began to read Old Fashioned Values?
R: Mine was that I was immediately hit with nostalgia. It had sort of a Dickens feel to it.  Kind of like, It was the best of times, it was the worst of times.
D: It has such an old fashion feel to it, if it wasn't for the cell phones I would have thought it was taking place in the 1950's

2)What did you think about the innocence of the main female character? 
R: It was funny, because the way she dressed and spoke, it gave off the impression of a 1950's school girl, which I personally found very appealing, but there were hints within the story that gave away the fact that this was set in modern time.
D: I just saw Rayanna's answer to this question was similar to mine in the first. Sally was full of innocence and I loved that about her.
3)There were actually two couples in this book, as Marks mentor John, ended up falling for Sally's roommate Rachel. That many POV's within one story can be difficult to pull off. Was there ever a point where having that many viewpoints was confusing to you as a reader?
R: In the very beginning, the first few times I came across a scene from John or Rachel's view, I found it confusing, until I realized they were getting their own story within the story.
D: I didn't have a problem with it at all, I felt like it flowed nicely.  I liked that there was a story within a story.

4) What do you think sets this book apart from the authors other books?
R: It was my favorite Emily Tilton book to date, but I have only read about half of her stuff. She writes so fast, i don't think I will ever catch up. Emily's books are usually just a smorgasbord of out there erotic hotness. This one is as well, but it has an underlying innocence in both the story line and characters that set it apart from some of the others I have read.
D: I absolutely loved this book! From the books I have read, I feel like this one was very unique. The way it was written almost felt like it could have been a classic from long ago.

5) What was your favorite scene?
R: Hands down, the sushi scene ( see below for a sneak peek)
D: The first time that Sally was spanked, her whole reaction was priceless.
6) If you had to choose a dom from this book would you choose Mark, or his mentor John?
R: I would choose Mark. I actually like a little more sensitivity and slightly less experience. Mark gets the job done, but with slightly less arrogance than the more experienced John
D: I would choose Mark, John is a little scary for my taste
7) Anything you didn't like?
R: There was one thing. A few times during spanking scenes and the like Sally refers to Mark by saying "Yes, My Lord" I'm sure it was intended to up the hotness, but to me it seemed out of place and distracting. Her oft uttered quiet "Yes, Sirs" were WAY hotter IMHO. I love a  well placed "Yes, Sir"
D: l honestly love everything about this book! Not a thing bothered me, the chemistry was amazing as was the writing.
8) Star Rating?
R: 5 stars, but only because I can't give it 6
D: 5!!!!

9) Any last thoughts?
D: This book is a sweet love story, yet its so HOT!! This is definitely a must buy!
And now, because this is my blog, and we all know, I have a near unhealthy sushi obsession, .......

Over dinner at the stunningly good Japanese restaurant on the upper west side, it took a long time for anything erotic or disciplinary to come up at all. When it did, it was from a perspective Rachel didn’t expect.
At first, Rachel felt terribly shy about all the questions she wanted to ask about John, but after their miso soup, when they were waiting for the first course of sushi to arrive, he said, “Alright, Rachel, I have you at a pretty significant disadvantage now.” He had spent the time since they had sat down at the little table in the dark, quiet restaurant getting her entire life story out of her: divorced parents, public high school in a little Wisconsin town. Orchestra, honor roll, creative writing workshops. “You may ask me three questions, and I want you to spend time thinking about the first one. After I answer that one, you’ll think about the second; same with the third. I promise that I’ll give you long, fulsome answers, so don’t worry about getting cheated. If you ask me where I come from, you’ll get a lot of details about my education, for example, rather than the little tidbits I gave you over lunch.”
On his face, across the black lacquer surface of the table, illuminated by a candle in an elegant square holder, he smiled his little smile.
“Why only three?”
At that point, the first board of sushi was delivered: uni and hamachi.
“Because I say so,” John said, picking up a piece of hamachi delicately in his fingers and popping the whole thing into his mouth.
Rachel felt her brow furrow. John chewed gravely, his mouth bulging slightly, looking into her eyes all the while. It took him a long time to finish the enormous bite. When he was done, his smile had become one of amusement.
He said, “I won’t make you spend a question on asking why I just ate that that way. That’s the only correct way to eat sushi, but even though I do want to teach you about that kind of thing, I won’t be disappointed if you use your chopsticks and dip it in soy and wasabi the American way. Just please don’t dip the rice in the soy, if you do—turn it over so the fish gets the flavor.”
Rachel blushed. That was what she always did with sushi, which she loved: dipping with the rice down, which apparently constituted a grave sin.
“Try it my way?” John said. “Use your fingers and turn it upside down to get the soy on the fish.”
Rachel mixed a little soy and a little wasabi, then picked up a piece of hamachi. The fish felt a little slimy, but she also felt incredibly grown up to be learning from a man who clearly knew exactly how you were supposed to eat sushi, which had obviously eluded the few people in Wisconsin who ate it.
The tiny bit of soy on the fish, instead of the huge amount the rice always picked up. made it possible actually to taste the fish in a way she never had. “Oh my God,” Rachel said, still chewing the half she had bitten off as delicately as possible, though of course that wasn’t delicately at all, and the rest of the exquisitely assembled morsel had fallen apart.
John laughed. “Next thing to teach you is to put the whole thing in your mouth. It’s strange at first, but you learn to chew it very slowly and enjoy it to the fullest. You’ve got a lovely, delicate mouth, but I promise you can do it.” He gave Rachel what seemed a rather meaningful look, and Rachel knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that he meant her to think about what else might befall her mouth. She felt her face get hot—he meant kissing, of course. Of course. It was completely inappropriate for Rachel to wonder what his cock looked like.
John said, “Alright, time to think about your first question.”
In silence, enjoying the food and the simple fact of being there with John, Rachel pondered that first question. Finally, as she chewed a delicious piece of tuna, she decided to take him up on his suggestion. Something about the possibility that he might be pleased if she did that seemed to send delicious, if tormenting, tingles through her body.
“Where are you from?” she asked.
John smiled the little smile. “That’s a very good question, Miss Lowenstein. I was born and raised in Maine. I did a little of the hunting and fishing my family loved, but I also developed a taste for literature that I found hard to satisfy until I was sent to boarding school in Connecticut, for both my and my family’s good. Then I went to college in New Jersey, where I studied economics very, very hard, and learned to enjoy what people usually call the finer things—without, I’m proud to say, letting them get dominion over me. I worked for a few years on Wall Street, and made some money, but then I got stressed and bored, which is a terrible combination. I decided to get a PhD in economics. I did that in Massachusetts. That let me make more money, in a more interesting way, and it also led to being able to lecture at Mendon from time to time, and keep myself young that way. Time to think about your next question.” He took a piece of salmon, and made a comic show of chewing it as slowly as he possibly could, while looking Rachel straight in the eye, to tell her she had better be thinking of her next question.
At last he swallowed, and Rachel said, “When did you start doing… discipline?”
The little smile appeared, this time crooked up a tiny bit on the left side. “I’m guessing you mean what I call loving discipline—or, to put it a little less euphemistically, disciplinary spanking. I don’t suppose it’s inaccurate, though, to connect my ideas about loving discipline to my broader thoughts about discipline in general. Very intelligent question.”
Rachel tried to look like she had meant all that. Of course she had really only meant “When did you start spanking girls?” She could sense somehow, in the way his eyes crinkled, that he knew that, and his self-assurance and gentle mockery made her feel like she was flying, even as it vexed her ever so slightly. The vexation seemed so strange, though: almost as if she thought she should be vexed that way, because John did it to help her learn. Actually, Rachel felt like she had never known just how much she had to learn until she met John Gammon.
“So I’ll answer the question you asked, and let it lead to the question you meant to ask, if that’s alright.” Now the smile had become so very gentle that Rachel felt her own slightly anxious semi-frown transform itself to match. She nodded.
“I first started doing discipline, I suppose, when I learned how to tie my shoes, do my chores, and get myself going in the morning. I mean that I think my ability to discipline myself—to do what’s necessary without being told—probably began then, and I think I have my mom and dad, who are very simple people, to thank for that. I got scholarships to school, but my priceless education came from my parents.” He had been gazing out into the dark restaurant as he spoke, but now he looked at her, and he must have seen the question in her eyes, because he continued, “They never spanked me. Spanking was just something I had in my nature, I think. And I knew from a very early time that it had to do with sex, even though I was nineteen before I did anything about it. I was lucky enough to have an older girlfriend then, in college, who did a lot of naughty reading, and was pretty brave, I can see looking back on it. She gave me some books, and after I read them she asked if I thought I could keep her in line. I was pretty nervous, but I knew I really wanted to try. So we made some rules, and I found that it helped both of us to know that if she broke them—and she broke them a lot—she would wind up over my lap with her bottom bare.”
“Like Mark and Sally,” Rachel said softly.
“Kind of,” John said. “But the dynamic was pretty different, I think, since Joan had been the one to ask me. It wasn’t as serious, I think, and so, I think in retrospect, not as helpful to her as I think Mark is to Sally—and Sally is to Mark. Mark and Sally are more like Carol and I were. In between, I dated one other woman for a few months—just to round out my history for you, Miss Lowenstein. She thought she might like loving discipline, but it turned out that really she just liked spanking.”
Again he took a piece of sushi—this time a very complicated looking roll of flying fish roe, placed it carefully in his mouth, and began to chew. Again he gave her the meaningful look, and this time Rachel giggled. “Alright,” she said. “I’m thinking.”

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