Sunday, May 31, 2015

A is for Attitude, Alcohol, and Anne Taintor

I'm a horrible procrastinator. The day I signed up for the A 2 Z blog challenge, I wrote a half finished list of ideas for each letter, and set it aside, never looking at it again. How is it June already?

Fast forward until tonight- when I realize I need to put a post up in the next few hours, and the only idea I have for A is the same exact thing I did last year. ( See my A is for Author post here)

As I always do when I need inspiration- I went browsing on Pinterest. As to be expected, the first thing that caught my eye that would work for A was alcohol. I have a board full of amazing drink ideas, but how would that make me look? ;)

Years ago, when I first discovered DD and my love for all things spanking, I created a pinterest board- where I could put stuff that reminded me of DD and my DD friends I had made around blogland. Oh, there was nothing ACTUALLY spanking related on there- I wasn't brave enough yet- but I went poking around tonight, and had to smile when I realized half the board was made up from stuff from Anne Taintor.

Anne Taintor is the queen of retro housewife snark, and her stuff usually has a lot of attitude, and to my utter delight, a crap-ton of it is alcohol related.

Without further ado...
 Things that get DD girls in trouble...

And one more, not at all related, but it cracks me up...

Ok- that's it for today! Don't forget to check out all the other awesome bloggers participating- we'll be here all month! ;)