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U is for Unfailing Love - New from Bella Bryce

The adorable Bella Bryce has a new release! The long awaited fifth book in the Waldorf Manor Series is now here!

Love is a decision. It isn’t a fleeting emotion, and it stands firm when everything else is shaken. Brayden James has learned through raising his adopted daughter, Alice, that discipline is only part of what is required to establish stability. When a devastating incident causes Alice to see the reality of her prior circumstances, she is affirmed once again in her life at Waldorf. Brayden’s healing love is exactly what she needs, and his blossoming relationship with Anabelle Grayson mirrors that in its purest form. Brayden and Ana are now exploring the facets of their courtship between the deeply desired accountability system of domestic discipline and some rather amusing scenarios.
The fifth book in the series turns particular attention to Waldorf and where it all began, giving the reader a close-up look at the man who thought he lost everything he loved when his parents died. With glimpses at the supporting cast of the series, we learn how the boundaries of marriage are built when love is at the heart of relationships. What began as Alice’s story of forgiveness and healing has turned an entire social circle to focus on their need for unmovable, sacrificial and unfailing love.
Ana didn’t want to apologise again.  It wouldn’t do the situation justice.  He had been very patient for the last six weeks.  
“It’s time you become accountable to me, Anabelle.  Properly accountable.”  Brayden looked directly into her eyes.  He would have kissed her if it weren’t completely inappropriate timing.  The way she breathed inward was enough of a response to indicate her compliance.  She wanted nothing more than to get herself over Brayden’s twenty-nine year old tailored suit trousers and get smacked for misbehaving.  “Come here.”  He broke their eye contact as he walked toward the Chesterfield sofa.  She felt wobbly on her legs again as she followed him to the seating area in front of the fireplace.  “We’ve not done this before but I assure you it is exactly what it seems like it’s going to be.”
Anabelle’s face burned with embarrassment as Brayden took one of her hands.  She never intended to be rude or distracted, although her wide-eyed anticipatory manner suggested otherwise.  “Brayden.”    
“Sir,” Ana repeated and her chest stung delightfully at his quick reprimand.  She could almost feel her heart bursting with joyous confetti.  His leading was intoxicating.  
“What is it?”  He didn’t want it to become habit that Anabelle started conversation right as she was to be put across his knee, but he also knew she must be feeling some trepidation at the unfamiliarity of the moment.  
“Nothing, Sir,” she replied, quietly.  She had absolutely nothing to say - she was just incredibly nervous.  
    Brayden pulled her forward and across his lap.  It happened a lot faster than she imagined, with intermittent waves of excitement and dread rolling through her.  She found herself facing the rug with only Brayden’s shiny black shoes and tailored trousers in her line of sight.  Another mixture of anxiety and dread swirled into a cocktail of one gigantic “finally!!”
He removed Anabelle’s red patent leather high-heeled shoes and lined them up neatly on the floor beside the Chesterfield, which caused her racing heart to slow to a methodical thud.  Was shoe removing some sort of pre-punishment ritual?    
“A proper smacked bottom requires knickers down,” Brayden stated, factually, as he pulled her red fitted dress up onto her back.  He cleared his throat when her red satin knickers were lowered to the backs of her knees.  He was insanely attracted to Anabelle Greyson but punishment was punishment and he refused to allow his mind to travel to a place that would distract it.  This was not a time for admiration.   
Ana could hardly believe she was lying across Brayden’s lap in such a state.  It was far more humiliating in real life than in fantasy.  Even when she imagined the scene she didn’t really know what to expect.  She’d never had a smacking in her entire life.  “This is what happens from now on in our relationship when there is a breech of behaviour, trust, or a wilful disregard for the rules you’ve agreed to.  I want you to take in every detail of this experience so you know exactly what to expect the next time you report to my study.”    
“Yes, Sir.” Her nervous eyes searched the Persian rug beneath his feet.
Brayden pulled his arm back and let the first whack hit her backside with force far beyond what she expected.  It was supposed to be painful and memorable enough to dissuade repetition of the behaviour that earned it.  The dreadfully unpleasant smack of his palm on her skin brought instant remorse and it wasn’t sensual at all.  It bloody hurt.  The following smacks were slow in rhythm.  His hand was heavy and determined as it came down onto Anabelle’s exposed and tender flesh in succession.  He decided he wasn’t going to count, either.  Anabelle was a big girl and she didn’t need to have a limit to how many harmless swats her disobedient bottom needed.  It wasn’t terribly different in his mind, disciplining his future wife when compared with disciplining his daughter.  He was a disciplinarian to both of them; the only difference was age.  Brayden believed a spanking was the great equaliser - is doesn’t favour anything or anyone.  Every woman is reduced to the state of a contrite and remorseful girl through the process.  The goal is the same regardless of age - bring a marked change in behaviour.     
    “I want you to understand,” he said, as his heavy hand continued laying into her backside, “this is what it means to be accountable to me, Anabelle.”  
    “Yes, Sir,” her voice was emotional.  She felt more connected to Brayden in that moment than in the six weeks of deep and revealing conversations.  They kept no secrets from each other and Brayden was right; work was definitely the most delicate subject between them.  He knew it was a struggle for Ana to separate her career identity from every other part of her life.  It was no surprise to him that the very subject would be the cause for her introduction to discipline.       
    Brayden quickened the tempo of his hand and put slightly more force behind hit, drawing an immediate reaction of the breaking of Ana’s whimpering into audible tears.  There it was.  Precisely what he’d been waiting for.  Remorse.  He heard Ana’s breathing elongate between cries even as she tried to control it.  She was crying because the guilt for her actions rightfully lined up with her punishment and it hurt.  “Right,” he declared, after the last whack.  In place of the smacking Ana’s tears were now the only sound filling the study.  She looked at the floor through blurry vision like a sorry schoolgirl.  Unsure of what was to follow her first priority was to not be a dripping mess of tears and running mascara.  Mental note for next time - wear waterproof.  She used one hand to quickly wipe her eyes as Brayden replaced her red knickers over her matching bottom.  It was only the texture of skin versus satin that gave away the difference between the two.  He pulled her dress back down where it belonged and told her to stand up.  Ana pushed herself up from his lap and loosely clasped her hands together.  Well.  There it was.  The first smacked bottom.  
    Brayden stood up from the sofa and signalled with his index finger for her to follow.  “After punishment you will face the wall.  Put your hands behind your back, please.”  He positioned her to face the same wall that Alice faced when she was punished.  Ana hadn’t done that since she was about five years old.  “I will tell you when to come out.”

About Bella
Bella is a 28-year-old English writer of clean adult niche market smacky bottoms fiction published exclusively with Blushing Books.  To learn more visit her website:  


Thanks for coming by Bella, and Congrats on your new release!

T is for Teaser

I thought I would share a little teaser from Luke's Rogue Bride, the fourth and final Love Multiplied book, which is in WIP stage right now, but, will hopefully be releasing this winter.


“I, Lucas, take you Carolyn, as my lawful wedded wife. To have and to hold, from this day forward,”
As Carolyn stared into Lucas’s deep green eyes, she searched for some hint of reluctance, or ill feelings to help her feel like less of a gold digging tool, but she found none.  Even the hint of irritation she had seen when he got a good look at her dress up close was gone. As always, Lucas was one hundred percent sincere and full of good intentions. She tried to keep out the horrible truth invading her every thought, but it was threatening to swallow her whole. She took a deep breath, and forced herself to concentrate on Lucas, as he pledged his vows to her, even knowing she didn’t deserve a word of the promises he was making.
“In sickness, and health, to love and to cherish till death do us part, according to God’s holy law, this is my solemn vow.”
Her breath caught at the mention of God. Somehow she had missed that part at rehearsal. The mention of God and his laws made her heart drop to her stomach, even as she smiled and said identical vows back. She was going to hell for lying. 

 That's it for the teaser! 

I will be sharing more as I get farther and farther into Luke and Carolyn's story! I may be biased, but I think it's a good one.

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S is for Sushi- A Spanko's Dream Food

Last year, My S is for Sushi post for Spank A2Z was my most viewed, most re-tweeted post EVER.

At the time, I wasn't allowed to say it because it wasn't official yet, but I was working on an idea for a Corbin's Bend story centered around a sushi chef. This post was the cultivation of my inspirational research.


S is for SUSHI!!! What, you thought I was going to say spanking? Don't you have me figured out by now? What could I say about spanking that hasn't already been said by now? Probably not much, I'm guessing. I can however say a LOT about sushi.

I love to make my own sushi, and friends love to come to my house on sushi night. Ive catered sushi for a friends wedding, and made 40 rolls the morning of the wedding. My children and I were also IN the wedding, so that was super stressful making all those rolls And trying to get the three of us ready for the ceremony.

Her eis a good how to video for making your own sushi rolls. Unless you live right on the ocean or find a store that sells "sushi grade fish" I recommend sticking to rolls with non-raw ingredients, and there is a lot of them. I usually make New york, Las Vegas, California and Veggie rolls, as well as one called Mango Tango, and one my friends and I invented called the Island Roll.

Now that you know how to make sushi rolls on your own, here is a fun list of different sushi rolls I have found around the internet. These aren't all rolls I would reccomend making at home, but they have some names I just had to share.
Avatar Roll (Spicy tuna, unagi, cucumber, hamachi, kiwi, tobiko and spicy crab)
Big Daddy Roll (Spicy Tuna, escolar, snow crab, avocado, tempura flakes, wrapped with soy and cover with fresh tuna)
Cancun Roll (spicy tuna, jalapeno,cilantro)
Dirty Old Man Roll ( California roll topped with chopped tuna, masago, spicy sauce, salmon, white fish, yellow tail and krab meat!)
Ecstasy Roll (baked lobster, spicy tuna, cilantro & crab meat topped w/ avocado, lime, eel sauce & tempura flakes)
 Firefighter Roll (spicy tuna & jalapeno roll topped w/ spicy mixture of diced tuna, avocado, sprouts & eel sauce)
Godzilla Roll (Shrimp tempura, mango, topped with salmon and sweet chilli.)
Hanky Panky Roll~ Spicy tuna, avocado inside, topped with seared tuna and mayonnaise, served with miso eel sauce.
Incredible Roll (Soft Shell crab and cucumber,seared tuna and avocado
Kiss of Fire Roll (Spicy crunchy yellowtail, avocado inside; topped with fresh tuna, jalapeno and tobiko and spicy sauce).
Lover's Roll (Crunchy Shrimp, Spicy Tuna, Avocado wrapped in Soybean Paper)
Ménage a Trois Roll (Shrimp tempura, avocado, snow crab, wrapped with soy paper, topped with escolar, and masago)
 Naughty Girl Roll (tempura shrimp, avocado and cream cheese topped with baked salmon, spicy mayo, sweet sauce, masago and scallions)
Orgasm Roll (California roll with sweet soy sauce, wrapped in salmon and broiled in a luscious cream sauce.)
Playboy Roll (tempura shrimp, avocado & cucumber topped w/ tuna, tobiko, eel sauce & spicy mayo) Q Roll (Smoked salmon, Kanikama crab, avocado, Tampa Bay sauce and cream cheese rolled maki style in a fine sheet of cucumber.)
 Temptation Roll (Snow crab, cucumber, masago, scallions, topped with avocados, seared tuna and yellowtail, with chef's special sauce)
Unagi Roll (Seaweed, rice, barbecued eel, avocado)
Virgin Sunshine Roll (Mango, Cream Cheese, Tempura Rits)
Watch Your Butt Roll (tuna katsu inside topped with smoked salmon, cream cheese,jalepenos and spicy pepper paste)
 Xalapa Roll ( tuna / cilantro / razor-thin slices of lime / avocado / jalapeno)
Yummy Yummy Roll (Shrimp tempura, snow crab and avocado rolled uramaki style, wrapped with unagi eel. drizzled with eel sauce and topped with sesame seeds.)
Zonie Roll (Spicy salmon, cucumber, cilantro & jalapeño rolled & topped with avocado & sriracha)

WOWZA!!!! Who knew there were so many sexy/dirty names for sushi rolls? All of these were found on menus of real sushi places I found on the web. A few that didn't make the cut: Pain in the Ass Roll, Screaming O Roll, Sexy Roll, Sexy Man Roll, Sexy Girl Roll, Sexy Lady Roll, Watch Your Butt Roll, Booty Booty Roll, Moby Dick Roll, Fantasy Roll, Spanking New Roll, One minute Man roll, Happy Endings Roll, Strip Tease Roll, Wet Dream Roll,Sex on the Beach Roll, Blow Job Roll, 69 Roll,All Night Long Roll, Burning Sensation Roll,I Did Your Girlfriend Roll, I love my Ass Roll, One Night Stand Roll,XXX roll ......If you didn't think sushi was sexy, think again!

Just remember, sushi is made with a paddle and topped with GINGER. Nuff Said.

Now when I say MMMMM Sushi, I'll be thinking of something else entirely. 

R is for Randomly Rayanna

For my R post tonight, I decided it was time to share some fun random facts about me.

Here they are, in random order.

I am 34 years old.

I have 2 kids, 8 and 10, and I have been married 12 years.

I used to be a DD blogger.

I moved to Utah 2 years ago, and began my career as a writer there.

I LOVE to cook- but I HATE to bake.

I am obsessed with sushi.

Prior to being a writer, I worked in the Agricultural industry, for an oyster farm.

I collect funky printed knee socks and kimonos.

My favorite colors are red and purple.

I was a sick child, and as a result, I spent a good chunk of life being deathly afraid of ambulances, and convinced, whenever I saw one that they were looking for me to take me away.

I have one tiny heart tattoo on my ankle that a friend gave me in my bedroom when I was 17.

I taught myself to sew at age 31, but I'm not very good.

I like happy predictable things. I despise anything apocalyptic. It scares me.

My favorite (non spanking) authors are James Patterson, Janet Evanovich, Sheryl Woods, Karen Kingsbury and Terri Blackstock.

My favorite movie is American Wedding.

In my social circles, prior to moving to Utah, I was known as "the prude one"  :)

That's everything I can think of for today!

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Q is for Quilt #SpankA2Z

A lot of times, our passions and our truths come out in the stories we write. For instance, my love for sushi, making it's way into not one, but two of my Corbin's Bend books.

Other truths that have made it into my books, are the importance I place on my life-long friendships, the area in which I live, and of course, my love for spanking.

Another truth that has made it in- I can sew, but barely. Like one of my characters, I can sew, but I can't promise that what I sew will stay together once it goes in the wash.

I wish I was a better seamstress. I would love to be able to make a quilt. Besides writing a story, it's always been a goal of mine. It's probably why most of my characters can sew.

In The Bishop's First Bride,Rosa makes a beautiful quilt for her new bedroom, and hen decorates the room to match....What follows is...well, see for yourself


Rosa was flummoxed when Luke left the house without saying anything. It was so unlike her calm collected and courteous husband. And how was she supposed to get the mattress moved now?

Hearing her stomach growl, she realized she had been so wrapped up in painting, she had forgotten to eat. Knowing Luke wouldn’t be home for dinner, she hadn’t cooked anything either. Realizing there wasn’t anything else she could do at the moment anyway- she stalked into the kitchen to make herself a sandwich.

As her stomach filled, Rosa’s head began to clear. She looked back on the events of the evening and she could see why Luke might have gotten upset. He had been working later than usual, and he hardly ever took time for himself. As soon as he did, she took over and demanded that he help her. She probably hadn’t handled it very well. The longer she thought about it, the more frustrated she became. He might punish her, she realized, and he would be within his rights to do so. But still, couldn’t he bear some of the responsibility? She was working just as hard at home as he was working at the office, possibly even more so. Her work was more physical after all, and Luke just sat around praying, doing paperwork and counseling people. Plus, he wasn’t even Bishop yet, so he still had his dad’s help! Rosa had help from nobody, not even him! As was her way, she had nearly worked herself into a frenzy as she sat there. She didn’t want to be punished- Luke spanked hard!

And really, besides arguing with him, she hadn’t done anything wrong.  Frowning, she made her way back to the bedroom. She was just going to have to do everything herself, starting with that dang mattress.

Determined she grabbed it by the top and tried to drag it across the room to where the bed now was. She was facing toward it, and grabbing it by the top. She gave a cry on oomph as it dislodged from where she had precariously leaned it against the wall, and fell on her, knocking her to the floor. Rosa was thin, though fairly tall, and she struggled under the weight of the mattress on her chest for a few minutes before she admitting that she was well and truly stuck. She gave a cry of fury as she fumed to herself! Why on earth had Lucas insisted that they have a king size bed? A full would have suited just as well for now, and then maybe she wouldn’t be trapped. Laying still for a minute, she brainstormed ways out of her predicament. Perhaps, if she could manage to flip over, she could get better leverage, and lift it using her back. She was able to roll over, it wasn’t easy with the bulk of the mattress, but it was doable. She rolled to the right and as she did, the mattress shifted slightly to the left. A light bulb went off in her head. Maybe, if she just kept rolling, eventually the mattress would move far enough off of her that she could just climb out. Taking a deep breath, she rolled again. Each time as she rolled the mattress moved with her, going first to the right, before the left, so it became a process that was one step forward, a half step back, but eventually she managed to free herself. Of course, now the mattress was on the floor and was going to be even more impossible to move. Giving up, she flopped onto her back across it and started to cry.

She didn’t know how long she lay there feeling sorry for herself, with her eyes closed in frustration and her hands balled up in little fists.

“Couldn’t wait for me, huh?”  Rosa opened her eyes to see Luke leaning nonchalantly against the wall where the mattress had been.

She glared at him accusingly. “How long have you been there?”

Lucas raised his eyebrows at her in amusement. At least he seemed to be in a better mood. “I just got here, babe,” he said leaning forward and offering his hand to her, so she could pull herself up.

Once she was standing, he carefully moved her aside, and easily lifted the mattress placing it atop the bed. He didn’t even need her help! Then, looking around until he found the new bedding she had made, he wordlessly helped her make the bed.

The quilt is beautiful, honey. You did an excellent job,” he said as he smoothed it down over the sheets. While the rest of the room was pink overload, the quilt was a brown and tan and white wedding ring design, with only the rings done in a pink and tan floral.

“Thank you,” she said stiffly. For reasons that she couldn’t explain, she still felt angry with him.

“Rosa” Luke said with a warning tone, patting the bed beside him, “We need to talk.”

“Fine!” Knowing she was pushing a line, Rosa flounced down beside him with a huff.

“I’m sorry I left when you needed me,” he began, and Rosa felt her anger begin to waffle. Of course Luke would start by apologizing first-It was his style, and it made it near impossible to stay angry.

“I am worn out, and overwhelmed, and I wanted to relax and zone out. But you needed me, and I should have put that first.” He paused, and shuffled his feet before continuing. “I guess. On top of everything else, I was surprised that with Christmas only a few weeks away, you would blow the majority of your monthly budget on paint. Pink paint.” He said pointedly. “Without asking me if I wanted to live in a room that looked like the inside of a cotton candy machine.”

Rosa smiled. She had to admit, that the pink was a little much. She hadn’t realized that it would turn out so, well, pink.

“Lucas, I didn’t buy the paint! Beth Anne gave it to me! It was left over from the baby’s room! They had so much left over because they just used it for an accent wall! Beth Anne said it…was…too pink to do the whole room.” Rosa’s voice got softer and inaudible as she realized the irony of her words. “Oh!” she exclaimed with a frown.
Lucas was fighting to hold back his laughter as he spoke.

The Bishops First Bride

Rosa Collins was only sixteen when she received a vision telling her of her future husband. Knowing that her husband would be Lucas, the Bishop's son, and future Bishop of Green Valley, both thrilled and terrified her. They were a match made in heaven, she knew, perfect for each other.

But becoming the Bishop's Wife is harder than Rosa anticipated. She struggles to transform herself into the perfect Bishop's Wife that her husband needs.

Lucas misses the real Rosa. Somewhere between getting married, and becoming the future Bishop's wife, his beloved wife has lost part of herself. Lucas knows that a good, old fashioned spanking is exactly what Rosa needs to help her find balance in her unrealistic expectations of what the perfect wife should be. But, try as he might, that balance doesn't come easily for Rosa, and it certainly didn't help that her high school nemesis kept popping up and making trouble.

Will Lucas help her realize that all he wants is for his wife to be happy? Can Rosa pull herself together enough to become the Bishop's First Wife?