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B is for Beth Ann #SpankA2Z #bridetwosoon

I think we all have that one character that is especially close to our heart, or that one book, Most often, it's our first one. So much goes into that first book- so much self doubt, and angst and fear, so much happiness at the thought of realizing ones dream.

Just over a year ago, I was still writing my first book- the first one I had written as an adult with the intention of actually being published anyway.

Bride Two Soon was my baby- my response to being plunked out of the happy go lucky easy going PNW and into the culture shock that one experiences when they move to Utah, which really truly is it's own little planet.
It was the result of going from being a stay at home home-school mom to being a stay at home mom with 2 kids in public school.

If you haven't read it, Bride Two soon takes place in a polygamist community in southern Utah, where the belief is that the women "choose" their husbands after receiving a vision, or sign from God. In this case, a newlywed's life is disrupted after learning that her husband is being called to marry another woman shortly after their wedding, and that other woman just happens to be her best friend.

I've often said that I could be Mollie from looks to temperament, and my best friend could easily be Beth Anne. IF you take out the fighting over a man bit, and the meeting in kindergarten part, this could easily be a story about us. A lot of the other is true, from fights over wedding details that aren't resolved until the night before the wedding, to food sensitivities, to a friendship that always prevails.

I'm working on the last book in this series, and Beth Anne has stood out to me the most throughout the series, being the only character to play an important part in all four books.

Here is one of my favorite scenes from Bride Two Soon


Beth Anne had followed Ben’s instructions and was standing in a corner of his office, nose against the wall, hands behind her back, waiting for him.  Her nerves were stretched so tightly that she began to cry the minute she heard him enter, locking the door behind him. She had thought of nothing else for weeks, but now that the moment was actually here, she just wanted to turn and run.

She felt so ridiculous standing in the corner like a naughty child, but also she felt silly because of her reaction to knowing she was about to receive her first spanking as an almost-married woman.  She couldn’t get control of the fear she was feeling, and she knew it was silly, and that there was nothing to be afraid of. The women she knew were spanked every day; her mothers, Ben’s mothers, Mollie’s mothers, Mollie. Around here, submitting to your husband’s discipline was just part of being a married woman. And, Beth Anne was about to join their ranks.

She knew she was being utterly ridiculous, but the fear of the unknown overwhelmed her and she cried out from her spot in the corner.

Suddenly Ben was behind her, turning her around and pulling her against his chest. But she was inconsolable, sobbing loudly into the soft flannel of his shirt.  Ben’s arms rubbed her back as he shushed her, wiping her tears and kissing her on the forehead.

“Beth Anne, honey, shh. What’s wrong? Why are you so upset?  It’s just a spanking, honey. It’s okay, I’m not even mad anymore.”

“It’s just—I never… I’m scared, and it’s so silly, and we’re not even married yet!” she gasped out brokenly between sobs.

Ben took her hand and guided her to the small couch he kept in the corner of his office.  “Honey, it’s okay, slow down, and let’s talk about this. I can’t really understand you right now, and I am not going to spank you when you are this upset.”

She nodded gratefully, and some of her fears began to subside, as she remembered what a patient, loving and generous man her future husband was.

She didn’t speak at first, not quite knowing where to start. She just sat there with tears streaming down her face, knowing that she must look like a horrible mess.

Ben took her hand in his. “Beth Anne, honey, I need you to talk to me. I can’t know what you’re thinking unless you tell me”

Feeling calmer now, Ben’s words gave her the encouragement she needed and her fears came pouring out.  When she got to the part about never having been spanked before Ben’s jaw dropped incredulously. When she got to the part about them not being married yet, and her worries that it was improper to engage in what she saw as a truly intimate act, and being worried about what her father would think, Ben threw back his head and laughed. She frowned at his amusement.

“Beth Anne, I sat in your living room with your father for almost an hour this evening waiting for you to make an appearance. He pretty much gave me his blessing to turn you over my knee and blister your pretty little behind!  He didn’t mention that he had never spanked you as a child, but he obviously trusts me not to do anything improper. So the only question now is, do you trust me?”

Beth Anne knew that she did. She trusted Ben with her whole heart.  She nodded.

“Okay then, we are going to sit here together until you are ready for your punishment. I want you to know that you are the one in control here, Beth Anne. This spanking will not happen until you are ready. But make no mistake, whether it’s tonight, or tomorrow night, or a week from now, it will happen. And the longer you wait, the worse it gets, especially if you make me wait until after the wedding. Because, honey, once you’re my wife, your spankings will be on your bare bottom.”

Beth Anne was trembling inside but she nodded her agreement.  “I’m ready,” she whispered and waited for his instruction.


This is a story of love and life- long friendship against the odds.

What happens when two life long best friends Mollie, and Beth Anne find themselves married to the same old fashioned man?

Can they remain friends? Will jealousy get the best of them? Will their husband be able to fix the problem with a good old fashioned spanking, or two?

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