Thursday, June 18, 2015

N is for Naughty #SpankA2Z

We were having a conversation the other day about trigger words, you know the kind. Those words that give us a yucky feeling in the pit of our stomach- or make us want to curl up in a ball and cry.

It got me thinking...What do we call a word that triggers us in a happy way? The ones that intrigue you and turn your stomach to mush?

For me, one of those happy trigger words would be naughty. It's such a delicious word. When I see it in books, or in titles, it sends a delicious shiver down my spine. While naughty is a word used quite often in spanking romance and Bdsm books, it seems to be used even more frequently in age play books.

That might be why, when I was asked to write a short Christmas story last December, I decided to venture into the wading pool of age play and dip my toes in.

I did get to use the word naughty quite a bit :)

Cole For Christmas 

World renowned supermodel Angel Davis aka Angelique was officially having the worst year of her life. Swindled by her agent and set up to take the fall for a crime she didn't commit she'd been thrown in jail, had her assets frozen, lost any friends she had, and been 'let go' from all her contracts.

Now two days before Christmas the paparazzi is camped out on her doorstep. Out of choices she flees to her family's cabin. Only the cabin no longer belongs to her family.

When Cole Evan returns from a trip to the store he finds non other than his ex-girlfriend/ex-client Angel on his couch he has a decision to make. Does he send her on her way or try to repair their mistakes by doing what he should have done back then. By teaching his little angel an old fashioned lesson in minding her temper.


Your dad was being nice, and offering you something that means a lot to him. Why couldn’t you have accepted it with a smile? Where have your manners gone?”
She was back in her childhood bedroom, and Cole was lecturing her. Her dad and Mase had stepped out for wine and other necessities, but she was smart enough to know it was just a ruse. They all knew what kind of relationship she and Cole had, and she knew they would be gone just long enough for Cole to properly “tan her hide”, as her dad would put it.
Well she was tired of it! She was a twenty- two- year- old woman on her way to becoming a supermodel for goodness sake! What gave him the right to treat her like a child?  It was an argument she had with herself every time she got into this situation. Deep down, she loved this aspect of their relationship, and she wouldn’t trade it for the world. It was just that she had a hard time remembering that when she knew a meeting with his belt was inevitable.
She stared at him silently and sullenly. She knew he was waiting for an answer. She didn’t give one.
“Angel, I think you are in danger of getting a little too big for your britches. You know what that means.”
She did, of course, but she stayed silent.
“When little girls get too big for their britches, their britches get taken down, and they themselves get taken down a notch.”
His words made her insides quiver, and as much as she hated to admit it, her panties were instantly soaked with arousal.
She pouted at him, knowing it wouldn’t do a lick of good, but it was all part of their routine. Their relationship was one of domestic discipline, sometimes teetering right on the edge of ageplay. She wondered if this would be one of those times, but she didn’t have to wonder for long.
Cole smirked, but didn’t budge in his decision. “Angel, where do naughty little girls go before their daddies spank them?”
Her heart sank into her stomach. It was one of those times. He was always just a little bit tougher on her when the veered into the daddy/little scenario.
He waited for her to answer, and she knew it did not bode well for her bottom to keep him waiting. “They go to the corner, daddy.”
“That’s right baby girl, off you go.”
She knew the routine, and took off her panties as she walked. She pressed her nose to the wall, and folded her hands behind her back.
Behind her, Cole cleared his throat expectantly. She sighed and reached behind her, bringing the bottom of her skirt up and tucking it into the waistband so that her bare bottom was on display.
She heard Cole lock her bedroom door, and begin rustling around in their luggage, no doubt looking for the bag of toys he had brought with him. This would be no simple spanking.

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