Tuesday, November 24, 2015

WIPIT UP- Double WIP- Double Spankings- Double Christmas

I just realized I have TWO Christmas stories coming out in December! One will be a part of Corbin's Bend Season  Four, and one will be a part of Blushings 12 Days of Christmas promotion!!!

So, today, you, my lovelies get double everything as I share a little bit from each.

Corbin's Bend Season Four
Release Date: December 9th

Damn that man. Her heart was pounding in her chest, racing as she tried her best to keep her expression to one of outrage, so he wouldn’t know just how much the idea of a real spanking turned her on. It was all she had thought about for months, and every fantasy that raced through her head when they were in bed together, or when he was out of town again, and she was alone. Damn her mother’s stupid books, too. They were crazy kinky trash—singlehandedly setting woman back nearly a hundred years—and Cecily couldn’t get enough of them. What in the hell was wrong with her?
Nothing. That’s what her mother would say. Cecily had heard it all before. There couldn’t be two leaders in a marriage. Submission was empowering. Blah, blah, blah. She wasn’t quite sure what pissed her off more these days. That her mother believed these things, or that she herself was beginning to believe them. If she was being totally honest with herself, that was the real reason she didn’t want to go to Corbin’s Bend. It was a matter of being forced to confront her innermost doubts and fears. She was going to spend a whole week amongst a community of spankophiles, and the idea was more exciting than off-putting.
And then Carlton had to go and say something like that—threatening to spank her for real! He wouldn’t, though, and she could prove it.
“Well, since you mention it, Carlton, I may have a few more little white lies that I need to tell you about.” She smirked when Carlton turned a sharp gaze in her direction, still managing to keep one eye on the road. “You know how I said that Corbin’s Bend was an exclusive community for like-minded people?”
“Well, the thing that they have in common is that they are all spankophiles.”
“Spankophiles? What in the heck is a spankophile?”
Cecily bit back a laugh, knowing her husband was being deliberately obtuse. “Carlton, you have a doctorate degree. I’m sure you can figure out the meaning of spankophile.”
“Oh, I can. It’s just…seriously? And you’re telling me this now? We’re going to some kink community for Thanksgiving? Is the turkey going to be trussed up in leather and blindfolded?”
“I don’t know, I’ve never been to Thanksgiving in Corbin’s Bend,” she replied sweetly.
Her husband’s only response was a deep throated growl, the likes of which she had never heard from him. Uh-oh.
“Wait a minute, is this some sort of joke? You expect me to believe that your mother, the sweet older lady that I met, is involved in some sort of fetish club? Into leather, and handcuffs, and whips and all that?”
She couldn’t hold back a laugh of disgust at that image. “God, no. It’s not like that. I mean, it probably is for some of them, maybe, but mom is into domestic discipline—kind of like in her book.”
“Domestic discipline? And that means?”
Oh, god. This conversation was just getting weirder and weirder. She should have just kept her mouth shut and let him figure it out for himself. He was staring at her waiting for an answer.
“It means, that one partner is the leader or head of house, and there are rules, and if the other partner, the taken in hand, or submissive partner, breaks those rules, there are consequences.” Phew. She knew that much from the books she had been reading at least.
“And the consequences for breaking these rules is a spanking?” Carlton had his analytical voice on, as if they were calmly discussing the stock market instead of the fate of her mother’s backside. She was thankful for that, as it was making it somewhat easier.
“Yes, um, usually. It depends on the couple, but yes.” Please, don’t ask me to elaborate, she thought desperately. The fact that she was sitting here having a rational matter-of-fact conversation about spanking and discipline was surreal enough, but if she had to explain things like corner time or writing lines, she might die.
“So, your mother, and um, Jeff, they do this? Should we be worried? He’s not taking advantage of her is he?”
Cecily snorted, relieved that they had moved on from the realities of consequences to the macho male protector thing.
“Hardly. You’re forgetting that she lived in Corbin’s Bend long before her and Jeff got together. She and my dad planned to move to Corbin’s Bend together, but he died before it opened, so she just moved there by herself.” Cecily sighed heavily, assaulted by memories of a time she would much rather forget. “You know this, Carlton. I’ve told you this part.”
“You’re right, I did know that part. I’m just piecing it together with the new information.” Carlton reached over and squeezed her hand. “I’m sorry. I know that’s a hard time for you to think about. Are there any other little white lies that I should know about?”
Cecily sighed. “Maybe.” She hadn’t planned on admitting to this one. It was a big one, and Carlton wasn’t going to like it.
“Cecily…” His voice was hard with warning.
Oh god. Her hands flew to cover her face, which was already warm with embarrassment. “Just one more,” she admitted.
“And that is?”
She put her hands down in her lap and stared down at them, wringing them together, and playing with the hem of her skirt. “You know when we went to that book signing, and we said that her book had saved our marriage?”
“You mean, when you said that her book had saved our marriage?”
“Yeah, okay, whatever. When I said it.”
“Get to the point, Cecily.”
“So, she might have assumed, from that comment, because her book was about domestic discipline, that we, um, that we were practicing it ourselves.”
“She might have, or she did?” The incredulous look on Carlton’s face was priceless, and if she didn’t know better, she would have laughed aloud. She was laughing on the inside.
“She did.”
“And you know this for sure, how?”
“We’ve talked about it.”
“You’ve talked to her about how you and I practice domestic discipline? Even though we don’t?” If looks could kill… She didn’t know for sure, but she would bet good money that Carlton had that famous HOH look down pat.
It certainly had the same effect. She was instantly filled with shame, regret, and a tingle of anticipation. “Uh-huh,” she squeaked.
“And, you didn’t bother to set the record straight? Instead you just let her assume that and talked to her as if it were the truth? I’m dying to hear how these conversations went.”
“Carlton, it wasn’t like that—it’s not like I went into detail or anything—I just stopped arguing with her about it. I wanted her to feel like we had something in common. When she and Dad first told me about Corbin’s Bend and domestic discipline, I reacted so badly. Then when he died and she moved there without him, I was so mad at her and I was just awful. This is the first time in nearly a decade that she felt like my mom again, and I just wanted that back, especially since we’re going to be living so close.”
Carlton sighed, every trace of anger vanishing from his features. “I get that, Cece, I do. And I’m glad you want to repair your relationship with her. I just don’t see how lying to her about something that is obviously so important to her is going to help you achieve that. How is she going to feel when she finds out?”
“I was hoping she wouldn’t?” It was a statement, but her voice lifted at the end with the unspoken question.
“So, in other words, if it comes up, you expect me to go along with it? Really, Cecily? I’ve barely met your mother, and the first time I have to spend any time at all with her, you want me to be a part of some elaborate scheme you inadvertently signed me up for?”
“I guess I didn’t really think about it. I’m sure it won’t really come up. It’s not like she’s going to question you on what your favorite spanking position or implement is, or anything. Just smack my ass a few times, and act stern.”
Carlton groaned, looking pained. “Oh my god, Cecily. I can’t believe I am saying this—but okay fine—I’ll go along with your crazy scheme on one condition.”
“And that is?”
“You know how I feel about lying. I won’t do it. If I have to do or say anymore than smack your ass and look stern, it gets real. I won’t lie, so if I have to say that we are doing domestic discipline—if it comes up at all in conversation—we really are doing it. At least while we’re in Corbin’s Bend, understand?”
“You mean, you would actually…” Cecily trailed off, a mixture of dread and excitement filling her.
“I won’t lie. It’s your choice. Come clean to your mother as soon as we get there, or do it my way and accept a spanking for all the lying you’ve been doing.”
She should just come clean—she knew she should. It would certainly be the less complicated course of action. But the thought of trying to explain what had possessed her to act that way in the first place, and the thought of going back to having that awkward barrier between them again… She didn’t think she could bear it and still have to face her mom for the next five days. And then, there was the deeply buried part of her that really did want to know what it would be like. Carlton had already promised her a spanking if she agreed. She could take the spanking, find out what it was like, and then be on her best behavior for five days, and they could go back to life as normal. Besides, it probably wouldn’t even come up.
“Okay, fine, I’ll do it your way.”
Carlton nodded knowingly, and pointed out the window at a large sign. “We’re there. You know what they say. When in Rome…”


Santa, Sir
12 Days of Christmas
Release Date: Unknown


Her husband took her hand in his, and pulled her to her feet, before standing with her. “Look,” he commanded.

“Oh, dear!” His erection strained against the snug front of his slacks. She was mesmerized by it. It had been a very long time since either of them had felt such carnal attraction, much less acted on it.

“Has it been like that all day?”

“It would have if I had let it. It’s been like that since I walked in the front door, and found you still in that outfit of yours.”

“I’m sorry,” Becca said, biting back a smile at his obvious discomfort.

“Are you really?” Mason’s voice was hard, his expression one of amused disbelief. “Because you don’t seem sorry.”

Oh, please let this go where she wanted it to go. “Oh, I am, Mase. I’m very sorry.” She was trying hard to be as sexy as she possibly could while still being somewhat discreet about what it was she actually wanted, and basically just praying that Mason would take the bait that she was throwing out.

“Hmm,” her husband looked thoughtful. “I’m still not entirely convinced. I think we should move this party to the bedroom, and you can show me just how sorry you really are.”

So far, so good. The dialogue could have been better, but at least they were moving in the right direction. Literally.

Becca hesitated, and squealed in delight when Mase scooped her up and flung her over his shoulder, giving her bottom a swat that had her heart pounding in anticipation, and her pussy begging for more. Oh god, was this really happening? Angel was quite possibly a genius.

In the bedroom, Mase locked the door behind them before setting her on her feet. He wasted no time, making short work of stepping out of his Levi’s and boxer briefs. His erection was glorious, as it sprang free of its constraints- she eyeballed it nervously. She never got fully used to how well endowed her husband really was. But his getting naked from the waist down hadn’t really been part of the plan. At least, not this early on, anyway.

“I..,” Becca licked her lips and searched for something to say. Maybe this hadn’t been such a good idea after all.

“Your actions today were thoughtless,” Mason purred. “Some might even say irresponsible. Very naughty, Ms. Claus.”

Eeep. She was unprepared for the way his words turned over in the pit of her stomach. Her throat was dry. Other parts of her? Not so much. She was frozen in place, staring wordlessly at her husband, wondering what he would say next.

“Suck my cock.”

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  1. I'm jumping in my seat. I can't wait to read both of them! :)

  2. Congrats on having two Christmas books coming out this month! I can't wait to read both of them!!

    I loved Carlton's reaction to finding out that Corbin's Bend was a special community. "Will the turkey be trussed up in leather and blindfolded?" LOL!!! I wonder how Cecily is going to take her first spanking.

    It sounds like Mase and Carlton are having some fun! I can't wait to read their story!