Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Wip-it-up Wednesday- My first Western

Hi Y'all- It's been a while. Every week I tell me self I'm going to sign up- and every week I forget. This week I remembered to sign up, and then forgot to post. Such is life in the summer I guess.

I know it seems like I've been quiet for a bit, but I turned in a new western in April, and it has been up on the woodshed for a bit. I don't have an exact release date, but I'm thinking early September.

And oh my heck- I still need to write a blurb!

In this scene, which is in the first Chapter, Finley, the newly elected mayor is on his way out to his mentors for dinner when he sees their daughter hitchiking down the road, home for Thanksgiving.

Falling For Finley- Coming Fall 2016

Finn’s thoughts kept him company on the short trip to the liquor store. He had almost made it there when he spotted her. Francesca Upton in the flesh. He would have recognized her anywhere, even in that get-up. The prodigal daughter looked more like she belonged in the trailer park on the other side of town; walking down the highway in daisy dukes, a cut-off black tank that showed off a ring sparkling in her belly-button, and to top off the get-up, red cowboy boots. She was walking along the edge of the road, with a ratty knapsack slung over her shoulder, looking as if she didn’t have a care in the world, with her arm extended out to her side, and her thumb pointed towards the sky.
Hitchhiking? Oh hell, no!
Finn was half tempted to drive on by like everyone else, and pretend he didn’t see her, but he knew Joseph would have his head if he found out, and Joseph would find out. Slowly easing off the gas, Finn pulled off to the side of the road.
“Get in the truck!”
It was completely obvious from Francesca’s face that she hadn’t recognized him yet, but it didn’t stop her from dropping her arm to her side, and striding towards him with purpose and without fear.
Finn rolled down the passenger side window, Francesca walked over and leaned in with a salacious smile, which faded once she recognized him. “Oh. It’s you.”
“Damn right it’s me, and you’re lucky it is. Now get in the truck before you get picked up by some entitled pervert with more in mind than giving you a ride.”
“Go to Hell, Finley,” she spat out, using his given name, as she pounded her open palm on the door of his truck before turning and stomping off in the opposite direction.
Finn was pretty sure he was already there. He couldn’t just take off in the opposite direction and leave Joe’s little girl to her own devices. This close to Masonville, odds are she would probably be safe, but it wasn’t a chance Finn was willing to take. He was going to get her into his vehicle by whatever means necessary. Swearing under his breath, he jumped out of the truck and took off after her.
She was fast, but he was faster. It only took a minute for Finn to close the distance between them, and slow her down with a hand wrapped around the strap of her backpack. 
“Why are you out here hitchhiking anyway?”
Francesca’s eyes blazed as she whirled around to face him. 
“To see if someone would pick me up.”
“Very funny smartass. Why wouldn’t you get a ride with Joe?”
Her face fell, but she quickly recovered. If he had blinked, he would have missed the break in her cool facade. 
“Because, father of the year that he is, he forgot to pick me up.”
“Oh.” Joe had had a few spells of forgetfulness lately, but Finn hadn’t thought it was anything to worry about. Maybe he was wrong.
“Well, I’m about to head out to the ranch now, after I make a few quick stops. Get in the truck, and I’ll have you home soon enough.” He made the mistake of releasing her, forgetting for a moment just how stubborn she could be. As soon as she was free of his grasp she took off running again. 
“Damn it, Francesca!” he hollered as he took up chase.
“I’d rather walk!” 
“Well, you’re walking really fast in the wrong direction!”
That slowed her. He could almost see the wheels turning in her head. Continue running as she got farther and farther from her destination, or turn, and run right towards him. In the instant that she paused, he was able to catch up with her, grabbing her upper arm this time, and putting his face close to hers, speaking low and slow. 
“Little girl,” he growled. “I really do not have time for these ridiculous games. You were looking for a ride, and I offered one. Now get in the truck, before I bend you over and whoop your butt right here in front of God and anybody that happens to pass by.”
Francesca’s face flamed as she glared at him defiantly. “Get a grip, Finley. You aren’t my father.”
He had to laugh. “We both know Joe never laid a hand on you, if he had, maybe you wouldn’t be such a stubborn spoiled brat. Maybe when someone tried to offer you help in the form of a ride, to keep you from being raped or worse, you would have the good manners to say thank you and get in the damn truck without making them chase you all over tarnation.”
She was quicker than him for just a minute, but it was long enough to wrench her arm free from his grasp and draw it back, but not fast enough to actually slap him. He caught her arm right before it made contact with his cheek, and in one swift move, he had it pinned behind her back once more. It took only a few steps to reach the bumper of his truck, and sit down on it, with Francesca still in his grip. She had been compliant until that point, but once he sat, and she realized what he was meaning to do, she took to fighting with all her might. 
She was a hellcat, but that was no surprise to Finn. One leg came up and tucked over the top of hers, and when her free hand flew back to fight him, he grabbed it and pinned it with the other one.
“You can thrash around all you want sweetheart, and you can holler and hoot to the heavens, but rest assured, you are not getting up until I give you the spanking you sorely deserve.”
“Finley Silas Tucker! You unhand me right this minute! Who the hell do you think you are? Just wait till my daddy hears about this!”
Finn just chuckled in response. She was screaming fit to beat Jesus, but they were on a deserted stretch of Texas backroad, and despite his earlier threats there was no one around to hear her.
Bracing his foot against the bumper, he tilted her forward so he would have a better aim, and examined his target. Sweet Jesus, at this angle, those daisy dukes left nothing for the imagination, and left her sit spots perfectly bared for her spanking. He let out a low whistle. Lord, but he had wanted to do this for a long time.
Sending a quick prayer up that Joe would forgive him for this, he raised his hand and brought it down across her bare crease with a satisfying crack. 

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