Friday, October 7, 2016

#SATSPANKS - On Stage Spanking Part Two

I always forget to sign up for these things- I need to set an alarm or something! Even thought it's been a few weeks, I'm going to jump right in and pick up where I left off.

This is a continuation from last week (or rather a few weeks ago)


The raucous cries of the crowd quieted to a whisper as Pax took her hand, and flipped her face down over his knees, with her torso hanging in midair off the chair. She braced her palms against the cold wood of the stage floor to steady herself. When he flipped up her short plaid skirt, exposing white ruffled panties, you could have heard a pin drop.
Turning her gaze away from the sea of onlookers, she focused her interest on a small scratch in the wood. It’s just me and Pax, she told herself. Just me and Pax.
He knew how to work a crowd and thoroughly chastise a naughty bottom simultaneously. It was a unique gift, and one that he employed regularly. He knew how to find that perfect balance between engaging his audience and focusing on reddening a bottom quickly and effectively. Tonight was different.  


Diamond Barrett has spent the last four years hiding in plain sight, working as a show girl in Las Vegas, trying to forget the painful memories of her mother's untimely death. When the details of the gruesome accident finally surface on the morning of her 25th birthday, Diamond's pain leads her to a series of bad choices that result in the loss of her job.

Now what?

Paxton Donovan's very presence exudes dominance and captures the attention of everyone around him. He has spent years creating his brand as a business owner and professional dominant. There is no time for anything that interferes with the order in which he runs his business and life. Structure, order, rules, discipline. Business without pleasure. No distractions.

But nothing could have prepared Pax for Diamond as their two worlds collide and both of their perfectly ordered and quiet lives combust. Will their undeniable attraction and intense passion be worth the risk of pain and heartache as they shatter their safe lives?

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  1. Ouch! Pretty public place to have your second spanking, not to mention the paddle. Great snippet Rayanna:)

  2. I'm not at all sure she's going to enjoy this, then again, I doubt she's supposed to. Makes me wonder why he chose to discipline her in a public setting. Poor girl.

  3. He's spanking public? :-O that's upping the ante! Great snippet!

  4. An audience definitively changes the dynamic!! Love this scene!