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Wip-it-up Wednesday - A spanking works best on a bare bottom

Hola Wip- it- uppers!  Happy November!

I'm just gonna jump straight to the main event- sharing a snippet from my book! We've heard from both Blake and Slade. I think it's time to hear from Merry.  This scene takes place shortly after her arrival back at the ranch for the first time in years. Seems like there are some unresolved issues between the three of them...But they won't stay unresolved for long.


The past twenty-four hours had been a figment of my overactive imagination. I was growing more sure of it by the second. Any second now, I would come to, probably to find myself surrounded by piles of dog shit in Mr. Harris’s yard. Or face down in an eighty nine cent burrito. Because that was my reality. Not this.
Not the men of my dreams, the two biggest regrets of my life, offering to share me. Wanting to have me together. What did that even mean?
For now though, whether it was real or not, they were both staring at me expectantly. “I…” Oh what the hell. Why not? It wasn’t real anyway, and it would make for one hell of a hot dream. “Okay, sure. Whatever.” Dream me was no more eloquent than real me, it seemed.
“That’s my good girl,” Dream Slade murmered sweetly in my ear. I melted.
“A very good choice little girl,” Blake, or the dream version of him, anyway, spoke in a deep timbre that had shivers racing down my spine. “Stand up then, and lose the jeans.”
Slade helped me off his lap, and I fingered the buckle of my belt, while they both looked on.
“Get a move on, baby girl,” Blake growled. “Before I do it for you.”
That was all the encouragement I needed to have my jeans pooled around my ankles in a hot minute. I quickly stepped out of them, and waited for instruction, still half in a state of disbelief. This could not be real life.
Slade made a twirling motion in the air with his finger. “Turn, and bend over the bed.”
I obeyed, without thinking, and before I knew it, my panties were huddled around my feet.

“A spanking works best on a bare bottom, baby girl.”

Indeed it does. See ya next week!

Sunday, October 29, 2017

Sexy Reads Sunday - Constance Masters is here with A Firm-Handed Man

A Firm-Handed Man

by Constance Masters

After a night out with friends, twenty-five-year-old Mikala Black makes an extremely foolish decision that puts her in danger and ultimately results in her being left stranded by the side of the road in the middle of nowhere. When her plight is finally noticed by the driver of a passing car, her rescuer turns out to be Andrew Weatherly, an old high school classmate.

Andrew is no longer the boy she remembers as her chemistry lab partner, however. He is a tall, handsome, confident man now, and it sets Mikala's heart racing when he scolds her for her reckless behavior. Despite her best efforts to respond to his lecture with nothing but indignation, Andrew's declaration that she is in need of a long, hard spanking leaves her intensely aroused.

Mikala has dreamed for years of finding a man who will not be afraid to take her in hand, and she cannot help wondering if Andrew would follow through on his threat. She soon learns the hard way that he will not hesitate to bare her bottom and spank her soundly when she pushes him too far with her defiant attitude.

Over the coming weeks, a romance blossoms between them, and though Mikala often finds herself with a bright-red, sore bottom, being kept in line by a firm-handed man is everything she hoped it would be. But when the demands of Andrew's job put a strain on their relationship, will Mikala's over-the-top reaction end up tearing apart everything they've built together?

Publisher's Note: A Firm-Handed Man includes spankings and sexual scenes. If such material offends you, please don't buy this book.

Buy Links:

Amazon CA: https://goo.gl/XawaLq  

“You can lose the cockiness, you smartass,” Mikki shouted as she spun to face him. Now she was angry, more so now that she could see the smugness in Drew’s eyes. “I know this isn’t funny! I was there!” Then it happened. She didn’t mean to do it, all she wanted was to get that look off Drew’s face but her hand, her whole arm really had a mind of its own. It happened so fast. Mikki stepped forward and swung her arm so hard that her hand connected with the side of Drew’s stubble-shadowed face, leaving a bright red imprint of her hand. Crap. Well, she achieved what she set out to do; the look was gone, replaced momentarily by a shocked expression that unfortunately didn’t last. He pursed his lips and advanced on her with purpose. The look on his face could only be described as determined.
“Oh, you have done it now,” he said.
He said it with a chuckle but there was no laughter in those blue eyes. She had seen that look before in the countless spanking scenes she had watched over and over. She, Mikala Black, was about to get it but it was scarier than she imagined. “No, now look, I’m really sorry,” she said, putting her hands up to ward him off.
“Oh, I just bet you are—now—after the fact.”
“See, it’s been a very disturbing evening and—” Christ, once again she found herself over his shoulder. Did he not realize she wasn’t waif-like? “Wait, I need to explain.”
“Not interested at this point, little girl. I have contained myself all evening but you slapped me and now the decision has been made.”
“But you smacked me! Twice!”
“Oh, don’t you even,” he said, his hand connecting with her bottom so much harder than it had the other times. “Those were pats. That was a slap and a face slap, you are about to learn, is considered in my book to be laying down the gauntlet.” He sat on her couch and yanked her over his knees, his hand immediately spanking her wriggling bottom solidly several times.
“Ouch, that’s too hard! Drew, you’re hurting me.
“Good. I hope I make your bottom burn so much that every time you sit on it you remember what got you in this position.”
“I’m sorry, please.” Mikki’s hand shot back to try to slow down the barrage of smacks that were setting her rear end on fire, but she soon found her hand snatched up by a much larger one.
“You have been cruising for this spanking from the minute you got into my car.” His hand fell heavily on her sweats-covered behind. “No, I take that back; from the moment you got into a stranger’s car, after you got so drunk that you didn’t recognize that the stranger you got into a car with was a kid.”
Each of his words was punctuated with a whack that flattened one of her cheeks. It stung and it was hard to keep still. “Drew, stop!” she cried.
“That was the most dangerous thing of all. An eighteen-year-old on a mission to get laid. His dignity was at stake, he was trying to impress his friends, and it could have all gone very wrong.”

A bit about Constance:

Constance Masters is a wife, mother, grandmother, friend and author.

She writes romantic spanking fiction with the main emphasis on romance.

Constance has always been a sucker for reading romance and that reflects in her writing but she also likes to laugh. Her stories are full of love, laughter and family comedy. It's a lot like her life.

Author Links:

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Wip-it-up Wednesday - Merry's Christmas Cowboys!

So last week, I shared a bit of my upcoming Christmas Western Menage with you- and I forgot to tell you the title! It's Merry's Christmas Cowboys.

Last week, I showed a flashback scene in Cowboy Blake's POV.  This week I will share a scene written from Daddy Slade's POV.

My eyes narrowed to slits, and my answer came between gritted teeth. “The Ranch is your home. Nan, and Blake, and I, we’re your family.”
“You’ve never told Nan what really happened between us, have you? And now, she wants me back, and you and Blake would rather put up with me than tell her the truth and risk her wrath, is that it?”
My hands balled into fists at my side. “No, Merry, that’s not it. If it’s that important to you, I’ll call Nan and tell her the truth right now, but I can guarantee you it’s not going to change a damn thing so all you are doing here is stalling the inevitable.”
Her head jerked up and down. I had never seen so much sarcasm packed into a simple head nod before. “The inevitable, huh? Which is?”
The inevitable in my mind at the moment was her butt, my hand and Blake’s belt, but I wasn’t going to say that. “You, home, where you belong. We never asked you to leave, little one. You did that on your own.”
“You never would have. I knew that then, and I know it now. But I didn’t deserve to stay, and I don’t deserve to go back.”
This was a dead end convo, going nowhere. She had a gift for getting under my skin that way. I pulled myself back to a standing position, and strutted down the small hall without a word. I opened each door as I went, until I found the bedroom. Merry was hot on my heels.
“Slade! Slade David! What are you doing? You can’t just come here, into my home, and invade my privacy like this! Get out of my bedroom!” She was jumping on me, grabbing for my arms, and trying her hardest to stay my mission. It wasn’t working. I shrugged her off, and opened the closet, pulling two large suitcases off the top shelf, and tossing them open, onto the bed. Armfuls of clothes and shoes followed.
“What are you doing?” she shrieked, pulling clothes out as quickly as I put them in. I grabbed her wrist and held it.

“I’m helping you pack. Talking was getting us nowhere, and I’ve always been more of an action man, anyway. Now you can either help me, or you can sit down and be quiet, but if you get in my way again, you’re gonna find out what my next course of action will be, capiche?” 
I think he's gonna get his way....

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Sexy Reads Sunday - Held in Custody by Ashe Barker


Held in Custody

·      In an unfamiliar, hostile world, who can she trust?

When he encounters an injured young woman while on a motorcycle ride on the small Scottish island of North Uist, police officer Finn Olsen immediately comes to her aid, but to his surprise her dialect proves all but incomprehensible to him. To make matters worse, she first tries to run and then does her best to stab him with a dagger after he catches her.

Recognizing that the woman is confused and distraught, Finn disarms her, handcuffs her, and brings her back to the local police station, which doubles as his home. Once she is in his custody, however, it quickly becomes clear that his beautiful, feisty prisoner comes from a very different era, and that she has somehow travelled forward in time more than a thousand years.

Finn takes it upon himself to keep the headstrong girl safe in a completely unfamiliar world, even going so far as to bare her bottom for a sound spanking with his belt when she attempts an escape. Despite her situation, she is deeply aroused by his bold dominance, and when he claims her properly she is left utterly spent and satisfied. But as they unravel the mystery of her arrival in the twenty-first century, will their discoveries bring an end to their newfound romance?

Publisher’s Note: Held in Custody includes spankings and sexual scenes. If such material offends you, please don’t buy this book.

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Finn reached around her to pull her closer to his body. The solid shaft of his cock nudged her bottom as she leaned back against him. Eira writhed as he spread the spicy-scented soap across her shoulders and down her arms, then returned to her neck and did it all over again. As she relaxed into the caress he lowered his hands to cup her breasts.
"Tell me no, if you don't want this."
Eira had to concentrate hard, and she was still uncertain that she properly understood his meaning. Was he seeking permission? Had she not made her wishes clear by coming into this room when she had no need to? By joining him in this wondrous indoor waterfall of his?
He stopped, his hands still on her breasts but motionless now. She could come up with no words to express her desire, but she could show him. Eira laid her hands on top of his, pressing his palms more firmly against her smooth curves. She turned her head toward him, her eyes closed and she let out a soft sigh.
"Eira? Ja?"
She understood that. "Ja," she murmured.
It was enough, it seemed. Finn kissed her exposed neck. His gentle fingers traced the delicate lower curves of her breasts before circling her nipples. The sensitive buds swelled and lengthened under his touch. Finn took each peak between his thumb and index finger and squeezed.
Eira moaned her delight, then she arched her back, thrusting her breasts further into his hands. Finn seemed to know what she wanted. He tightened his hold, increasing the pressure little by little until she tensed with the pleasure/pain of his touch and cried out but still she did not attempt to stop him.
He murmured soft words into her ear as he tugged on her nipples. Eira remembered the joy of a man's touch. Audun had not been without such skills and she had known pleasure in his bed. Could she reach her release from what Finn was doing to her now? She thought she might, but it was not to be. Finn had another surprise ready for her.
He reached for the source of the cascading water and removed it from the wall above them. In his capable, powerful hands the jet narrowed down to one powerful stream of water, which he directed straight onto her right nipple.
The pleasure was unexpected, but exquisite. Eira gasped, then squealed when he subjected her other pebbled nub to the same treatment. Next, he pushed his foot between both of hers and eased her ankles apart. She knew what he would do next, and held her breath as he slid his free hand around the front and between her legs. Finn used his fingers to part her delicate folds and pull back the hood which partly concealed her clit, and his encircling arm to hold her still when he turned the jet on that most sensitive spot.

More about Ashe Barker

USA Today best-selling author Ashe Barker has been an avid reader of fiction for many years, erotic and other genres. She still loves reading, the hotter the better. But now she has a good excuse for her guilty pleasure – research.
Ashe tends to draw on her own experience to lend colour, detail and realism to her plots and characters. An incident here, a chance remark there, a bizarre event or quirky character, any of these can spark a story idea.
Ashe lives in the North of England, on the edge of the Brontë moors and enjoys the occasional flirtation with pole dancing and drinking Earl Grey tea. When not writing – which is not very often these days - her time is divided between her role as taxi driver for her teenage daughter, and caring for a menagerie of dogs, tortoises.  And a very grumpy cockatiel. 
At the last count Ashe had over forty titles on general release with publishers on both sides of the Atlantic, and several more in the pipeline. She writes M/f, M/M, and occasionally rings the changes with a little M/M/f. Ashe’s books invariably feature BDSM. She writes explicit stories, always hot, but offering far more than just sizzling sex. Ashe likes to read about complex characters, and to lose herself in compelling plots, so that’s what she writes too.
Ashe has a pile of story ideas still to work through, and keeps thinking of new ones at the most unlikely moments, so you can expect to see a lot more from her.
Ashe loves to hear from readers. Here are her social media links:
Or you can email her direct on ashe.barker1@gmail.com

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WIP-IT-UP-Wednesday -My first Menage!!

Hi Y'all!!!

I'm gonna be honest. It's been a long time since a book I was writing had me more excited than frustrated. It feels good. Like, really good.

Since I wrote Catching Her Cowboy Daddy last fall, several people have asked me when I was going to write another western. The answer is now.

It's also my first menage. And a Christmas story. And a Daddy Dom book. Yes, It's a Christmas Western Daddy Dom Menage......  Ready to see a snippet?

This is a flashback scene that takes place in Chapter One:

I’ll never forget the way my heart lurched at the sight that greeted me- of Merry, naked from the waist down, turned over Slade’s knee, her bottom already a hearty shade of pink under his ministrations.
The both looked up at me in shock. Merry scrambled off his lap, and rushed towards me, shaking her head furiously at me with pleading eyes. I knew what she wanted. She wanted me to keep our secret. It would have been a smart move, for all of us. After all, I had walked in on them engaged in a spanking, not intercourse. God knows the temptation to turn Merry over your knee and whoop her sass right out of her at times was a strong one, after all, that’s how we had ended up together.
I wasn’t feeling very smart at the moment. I was feeling angry. To see my sub, and my best friend in such an intimate situation without my knowledge infuriated me.
With Merry off his lap, Slade stood, looking annoyed at the interruption, and began to walk towards me, with a confident older brother smile. I wanted to punch him.
This is where my memory gets fuzzy. So many things were said in such a short amount of time, and each one was a punch in the gut that I hadn’t been expecting.
The only thing I remember clearly is walking out the door and telling her she had to choose, and Slade saying the same thing. Choose. Between best friends. Brothers. Her daddy and her Dom.
I ran out the front door, got in my truck, and tore off to town. I heard Slade did the same. I don’t know for sure. When we woke up the next morning, barely speaking to each other, she was already gone.
IF we managed to get her here, it would be the first time we had seen hide nor hair of her in five years. Hell it was the first time we had been able to track down so much as an address. It was normal that we would both want to be the one to see her first and begin to right past wrongs. We were only human. But there was no room for jealousy in our solution. If she came back, things would be different this time. Slade and I had learned to share.

I hope you enjoyed that sneak peek! I'll be back with more next week!

For now, check out these hot sneak peeks at other authors works in progress!

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Summer Graystone has brought her Gym Dom to visit

Gaining Maisy


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Every thought left Maisy’s mind as Carter wrapped his hands around her waist to slip them into her gym shorts, cupping her ass around her panties. It seemed like he was massaging where he had just spanked and Maisy felt her bones turn to goo as his hands swept up and down her ass. Then his thumb brushed the bottom end of her pussy from the back, and Maisy moaned loudly as she clutched his chest and plastered her body against his. A move that allowed her to feel every inch of the erection resting between Carter’s legs. Maisy rubbed her thighs against it, hoping to punish him a little like he was doing to her. But apart from a slight increase in breath and a jerk of his engorged cock, Carter barely acknowledged the contact.
Then with his hand still in her ass crack, his thumb just barely edging her pussy from the back, he leaned in close to her. “If you can complete fifty sit-ups without stopping, I’ll put my tongue where my thumb is.”
Adrenaline spiked through Maisy, and at that moment she would have done a hundred sit-ups just so she could feel his tongue soothe the ache between her legs. Forgotten was the fact that, up to that point, the best she had ever been able to get to was about thirty. She quickly got on the floor, raising her knees up till she was in the position to start. Then just before she started, Carter dropped down to his knees and slid in between her legs. Normally, he would hold her by her ankles to keep her steady while her back went up and down. But today, his hands slid up her legs, caressed her thighs, then she felt the pad of his thumb circle around her aching pussy, the friction causing another wave of arousal to course through her whole body. “Remember, my tongue here if you get to fifty.”

About the Author:
Hey! So my name is Summer, and I’m a contemporary romance author, who attends photography classes during the day, and writes naughty romance by night. When I’m not in school I also work as a portrait photographer at a small local studio near the beaches of California. My favorite thing to do is to write sexy stories that will melt your panties off, and emotional stories that will make you cry, and rejoice when the hero gets the girl in the end. 

I love to hear from my readers! Email me at summergraystone@outlook.com and let's chat!

Author Links:
My Newsletter: http://eepurl.com/cDQEpz

“Gaining Maisy by Summer Graystone was a sweet and sexy romance novel that pulled me in from the first page. I’m a sucker for stories where the heroine is starting over and happens to meet a loving dom (like Carter—yum!!), and I thought Maisy and Carter had great chemistry and were perfect for one another. This is a fantastic read that you won’t want to put down!” ~ USA Today Bestselling Author Sue Lyndon

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Addison Cain stopped by to share her new release Stolen


He stole her off the streets in broad daylight—the first Omega discovered in Bernard Dome in generations. He took her with violence while none intervened. He broke her, swearing he’d put her back together.
Brenya Perin was ordered to submit.
Bernard Dome is the jewel of Europe, a bastion of art and culture, pleasure and decadence. But life in the city depends on the occupation chosen for you at birth. There is no subversion, no question of who rules. There is no freedom.
Peace has a price, a price the Commodore of Bernard Dome is willing to pay… so long as the Omega remains his.
Shepherd’s influence is on the rise. His machinations are subtle, his hands full tending to his recovering mate. Her safety is his priority, and something he’s willing to risk war to assure. Bernard Dome has what he wants, and they will all be damned if they deny him.
Publisher’s Note: The Alpha’s Control series, is a dark Omegaverse tale with explicit sexual themes and complete power exchange. If such material offends you, please do not purchase.

B&N: Banned from Barnes & Nobel
Kobo: Coming Soon


Bit by bit, her body conformed to the Alpha’s unspoken will. Her lips would sigh while her brain would scream.

He’d take a nipple to be suckled, her spine would arch… the small Beta voice inside her powerless to make her listen.

Someone else inhabited her body when Jacques played his games.

She was possessed.

And that was why she’d cried over breakfast. That was why she’d flown into violence when he thought to take her away from herself again.

Because he had a new weapon. A thing he’d slipped inside her and called her prize.

What did he call it? The name had sounded scientific, important, nothing like what it should have been called. He’d called it a pliarator. She knew better. It was a mind obliterator.

It slipped in easily enough the day before, so smoothly she wasn’t sure what had replaced his fingers, and then it had latched on. Discomfort grew in the form of a muscular ache, distracting, embarrassing, and enticing, Jacques manipulating how the thing sat in her pelvis while she tried to sit up and see what he’d done.

There had been no warning before the buzzing clicked and a soft nodule landed on her clitoris. The vibration had set her to yelp, urged her to press her legs closed against it, and encouraged a pool of slick to gather under her body.

He’d allowed her rebellion because it had made no difference. Even with her legs together, even rolled over on her belly as if she might squirm away, it could not be unseated. Deep inside her body it changed shape again. It stretched her, Brenya keening in pain.

Except, she wasn’t sure if it had been pain at all.

A warm hand on her back, the other still fixed to the device inside the squirming Omega, Jacques smiled. “When an Alpha male chooses to mount an untried Beta female there is a certain protocol that must take place before he can possess her. Had you been optioned for the breeding banks, you would have undergone this practice years ago—just as Annette delighted in these moments with Ancil. Sharing this with you was her idea, and seeing you this way, I can see it was an excellent one. Relax and enjoy.”

Mouth agape, sucking in deep pants of air, Brenya stared forward at the distant wall and saw nothing. She could do nothing. Was reduced to nothing.

All by a single pulsating machine.

A machine designed for one purpose: to prepare a Beta female's sex organs to accept the far larger, far more powerful Alpha cock.

The way it squirmed and milked the slick from her tunnel curled her toes. The horrid thing had a life of its own, though she might claw the sheets and fight against its intrusion.

Jacques may have pumped it in and out of her, he may have forced it deeper into her cunt when she tried to push it out, but the robot sensed her struggles and redoubled its attack.

The first orgasm had hurt; the machine had torn the pleasure right out of each nerve.

Immediately it altered its shape, sprang into action when her passage clenched as if to grasp an Alpha knot. Shape bloating, manipulating nerves with shocks, with rotary aggression, it had expanded near the base… and made her groan until drool hung from her lips.

An ocean of slick poured like a river, Jacques no longer pinning her down, but petting and watching where her ass had raised up from the bed and her stuffed cunt was on display as if begging for more.

He adjusted the settings. She convulsed, insides wrenching around the mechanical intrusion as it started its expansion process over again.

Rolling her to her back, he drew her knees to her ears, put his weight on her, and moved his body as if it was his member inside her doing the damage and not some cold machine.

He’d dared to kiss her, to comment on her lust-drugged, blown pupils.

The male had called her beautiful as she lay stupefied and twitching.

When she tried to say his name, tried to beg him to stop, he’d smiled, his head slowly descending between her grotesquely spread thighs. Jacques had lapped at the slick seeping out around the machine as if her sex was the sweetest cream.

“I’ve never seen a Beta respond to a Pliarator as you do. What exceptional creatures Omegas are.” Husky, he’d growled, still savoring her juices. “Imagine it’s my cock inside you. When the next knot comes, I want you to feel my seed pulsating in your belly.”

As if on cue, the machine began to expand at its base, to fill her up and stretch her even more than the first time. He watched it work her, Jacques seeing to his own satisfaction with rapid jerks of his hand up and down the veined protuberance jutting forth between his legs.

His cock.

She could smell it in her haze, grunted at it like an animal.

The way he abused his organ, how swollen and purple it grew in his fist, the way he practically gnawed her erect clitoris, they both had to be in euphoric pain.

Ready to spurt, he’d reared back on his knees, drew his lips back from his teeth, the muscles standing up in his neck.

The worst had yet to come.

He spoke a command. The machine responded. It opened up, the false knot inside her growing until a hole was made inside her body just the right size to be exploited.

Falling forward to land on his hand, his musculature tight and twitching, Jacques lined up his fat cockhead with her machine spread opening, smeared her tortured cunt with a dribble of his come, and jerked himself in two more rough tugs until pearlescent spray shot forcefully into the space the machine had made inside her.

His usherings were too much for that little pocket, and his seed surged outside her sex, down her crack, in waves of wet heat, over and over until he pulled from her slit to aim instead for her trembling belly.

He overshot, coating her heaving tits, globs landing as far as her parted lips.

When he had crawled over her body, bobbing his pulsating knot in her face, he’d told her to lick him clean… and she had obeyed.

Without question.

Laving him from bulbous base to mushroom tip, collecting the salty taste, slurping, swallowing. With even more vigor than he’d displayed between her legs, Brenya submitted.

In that moment, she did not possess the mental faculty to understand that the Alpha had manipulated his promise.

Jacques had not fucked her. His machine had.

She’d been vanquished like a prisoner, subjugated like a slave, and used like a whore—sore, tired, mindless, and still under the control of his whirring device.

That had been last night, all night.

Even upon waking, her senses had not fully returned, and here he was, forcing her back on the bed to do it to her all over again.

Betas were never reassigned.

He pushed his toy deeper, speaking warmly. “In a week or two, you’ll be ready for me, mon chou.”