Tuesday, October 17, 2017

WIP-IT-UP-Wednesday -My first Menage!!

Hi Y'all!!!

I'm gonna be honest. It's been a long time since a book I was writing had me more excited than frustrated. It feels good. Like, really good.

Since I wrote Catching Her Cowboy Daddy last fall, several people have asked me when I was going to write another western. The answer is now.

It's also my first menage. And a Christmas story. And a Daddy Dom book. Yes, It's a Christmas Western Daddy Dom Menage......  Ready to see a snippet?

This is a flashback scene that takes place in Chapter One:

I’ll never forget the way my heart lurched at the sight that greeted me- of Merry, naked from the waist down, turned over Slade’s knee, her bottom already a hearty shade of pink under his ministrations.
The both looked up at me in shock. Merry scrambled off his lap, and rushed towards me, shaking her head furiously at me with pleading eyes. I knew what she wanted. She wanted me to keep our secret. It would have been a smart move, for all of us. After all, I had walked in on them engaged in a spanking, not intercourse. God knows the temptation to turn Merry over your knee and whoop her sass right out of her at times was a strong one, after all, that’s how we had ended up together.
I wasn’t feeling very smart at the moment. I was feeling angry. To see my sub, and my best friend in such an intimate situation without my knowledge infuriated me.
With Merry off his lap, Slade stood, looking annoyed at the interruption, and began to walk towards me, with a confident older brother smile. I wanted to punch him.
This is where my memory gets fuzzy. So many things were said in such a short amount of time, and each one was a punch in the gut that I hadn’t been expecting.
The only thing I remember clearly is walking out the door and telling her she had to choose, and Slade saying the same thing. Choose. Between best friends. Brothers. Her daddy and her Dom.
I ran out the front door, got in my truck, and tore off to town. I heard Slade did the same. I don’t know for sure. When we woke up the next morning, barely speaking to each other, she was already gone.
IF we managed to get her here, it would be the first time we had seen hide nor hair of her in five years. Hell it was the first time we had been able to track down so much as an address. It was normal that we would both want to be the one to see her first and begin to right past wrongs. We were only human. But there was no room for jealousy in our solution. If she came back, things would be different this time. Slade and I had learned to share.

I hope you enjoyed that sneak peek! I'll be back with more next week!

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  1. Ahh! I can't wait to read your story, Rayanna. It sounds amazing! Though, I feel so bad for your heroine. How is she ever going to choose between her Daddy and her Dom? That's an impossible situation!

  2. I like the fact they both realize they were in the wrong, though I do wonder why or how she ended up over Slade's knee to start with. Interesting premise, Rayanna.