Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Wip-it-up Wednesday - A spanking works best on a bare bottom

Hola Wip- it- uppers!  Happy November!

I'm just gonna jump straight to the main event- sharing a snippet from my book! We've heard from both Blake and Slade. I think it's time to hear from Merry.  This scene takes place shortly after her arrival back at the ranch for the first time in years. Seems like there are some unresolved issues between the three of them...But they won't stay unresolved for long.


The past twenty-four hours had been a figment of my overactive imagination. I was growing more sure of it by the second. Any second now, I would come to, probably to find myself surrounded by piles of dog shit in Mr. Harris’s yard. Or face down in an eighty nine cent burrito. Because that was my reality. Not this.
Not the men of my dreams, the two biggest regrets of my life, offering to share me. Wanting to have me together. What did that even mean?
For now though, whether it was real or not, they were both staring at me expectantly. “I…” Oh what the hell. Why not? It wasn’t real anyway, and it would make for one hell of a hot dream. “Okay, sure. Whatever.” Dream me was no more eloquent than real me, it seemed.
“That’s my good girl,” Dream Slade murmered sweetly in my ear. I melted.
“A very good choice little girl,” Blake, or the dream version of him, anyway, spoke in a deep timbre that had shivers racing down my spine. “Stand up then, and lose the jeans.”
Slade helped me off his lap, and I fingered the buckle of my belt, while they both looked on.
“Get a move on, baby girl,” Blake growled. “Before I do it for you.”
That was all the encouragement I needed to have my jeans pooled around my ankles in a hot minute. I quickly stepped out of them, and waited for instruction, still half in a state of disbelief. This could not be real life.
Slade made a twirling motion in the air with his finger. “Turn, and bend over the bed.”
I obeyed, without thinking, and before I knew it, my panties were huddled around my feet.

“A spanking works best on a bare bottom, baby girl.”

Indeed it does. See ya next week!

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  1. I totally agree with your dream men, Rayanna. A spanking is best on the bare bottom!